Impotence Can be a Sign of Heart Attack

The connection between impotence and heart attack risk Impotence (erectile dysfunction) can be an early warning sign that there is a possibility of heart attack. Especially for men more than 50 years old.

Impotence Can be a Sign of Heart Attack

Impotence is not a part of the normal ageing process and should not be ignore or be immediately prescribed to psychology. The reasons are most commonly physical, and vasculogens, namely they come exactly from the blood vessels. In the past, it was thought that the process of accumulation of fat in the whole body (atherosclerosis) first attacked the smaller blood vessels, like for example the ones in the penis, and that is how impotence happens, and later even heart attack.

Today, it is considered that the mechanism is connected with the dysfunction of the endothelium (the internal layer of the blood vessels) and the soft muscles, but whatever the mechanism is – the consequences are the same.

Three – five years warning before heart attack happens

According to some scientific studies, the erectile dysfunction can announce heart attack 3-5 years before it actually happens. Therefore it is very important to take the problem seriously and react on time.

For 40% of the patients with heart problems the first sign is death

This means that the process started and lasted for a longer period, but it was not recognized and it was not reacted on time.

What should patients do in such cases?

First, they need to realize that the body is giving warnings, and understand that it is probably due to the unnatural lifestyle and food. To realize that something has to be changed if they want to stay healthy.

Second, they will need to make a decision how to solve the problem. Most doctors give the choice to the patients, but the choice is only up to the patient. The choice is: either change of food/habits, or medications, stent, heart surgery… the so-called serious modifications of lifestyle (food and physical activity) can eliminate the need from other types of therapy for patients with heart disease.

Third, the starting period of adaptation has to be endured, and then the new lifestyle becomes a habit and the patient moves on without bigger problems. Simply, the habits are changed.

Are the changes in food and habits enough?

Most often yes, but even if it comes out they aren’t – there is no harm if you start with that first. First line of therapy should be exactly changes in diet and lifestyle.

We somehow don’t believe too much in the powerful effect of food. However one doctor gave the example of an incoming patient with pain in the chest, high cholesterol and blood pressure, overweight and with too many medicaments… he starts with the program for intensive lifestyle modification. Shortly, in only few weeks, the body weight goes down, the cholesterol and the blood pressure start to normalize, the chest pain goes away and all health parameters gradually improve. Only with food, supplements and physical activity.

It is sad that we underestimate the power of self-renewal of our bodies, especially the doctors, but contemporary medical trends show exactly this direction. It is honorable to tell the patients they have choice and let them decide.