5 Amazing Benefits of Black Pepper You Didn’t Know About

Black pepper is one of the most common culinary spices – almost all everyday dishes require this ingredient for better flavor. But did you know that it provides more benefits than you think?

5 Amazing Benefits of Black Pepper You Didn’t Know About

Aside from the delicious strong flavor it adds to millions of recipes, black pepper is a staple at every kitchen because it is inexpensive and available all throughout the year. It is a rich source of dietary fiber, Vitamin K, copper, calcium, chromium and iron. But aside from its culinary uses, this nutrient-dense spice is also famed for the various health benefits it offers. Read on to find out what you don’t know you can get if you regularly consume or use black pepper!

1. Reduces risk of cancer

Black pepper has been discovered to help ward off cancer, particularly breast cancer. According to a study conducted at the University of Michigan Cancer Center, this healthy spice contains piperine, a naturally occurring chemical compound that helps prevent breast cancer development. The study also suggests that the pepper’s cancer-preventing properties are even stronger when consumed together with turmeric.

2. Improves skin complexion

Who would have thought that black pepper can be beneficial to the skin? It helps with oxygen circulation, bringing oxygen and essential nutrients to your skin faster. According to skin experts, a facial scrub made from black pepper will help one get a healthier, younger-looking complexion as the grains will help get rid of dead skin cells.

3. Helps keep color of clothes vibrant

Yes, you read that right! Black pepper can also be used as a laundry aid. According to the author of the book Naturally Clean Home, Karyn Seigel-Maier, adding a teaspoon of black pepper per laundry load along with detergent will help prevent the color of clothes from fading. Don’t worry, there’s no extra clean up needed – the pepper will easily drain away with water.

4. Relieves common cold

Known to be a natural decongestant, pepper helps clear out your nasal passages when you have a cold by irritating your mucus membranes, resulting to a thinner mucus that is more easily flushed out. So add a pinch or two of ground black pepper to your soup when you have a cold and you will instantly be relieved.

5. Promotes weight loss

Black pepper is a spice that you can enjoy all the time without having to worry about your waistline. It is known to have effective fat-burning properties that can help you lose weight if consumed regularly. Its chemical compound piperine which helps fight cancer also interferes with certain fat-generation genes in the body. Piperine also helps decrease fat levels in the blood stream resulting to more nutrient absorption from the food you eat. Lastly, black pepper also contains powerful phytonutrients that stimulate the break down of fat cells in the body.

Surprised at what this healthy spice can do? Stock up on black pepper in your kitchen for many amazing benefits!