You Must Not Touch These 7 Body Parts With Your Hands!

Even if we regularly wash our hands, we still use them and the fingers to touch different surfaces in our surroundings and so we put our health in jeopardy. The danger from diseases increases if we wear jewelry or have longer nails which are well known “dirt collectors”. These parts of the body should therefore be carefully touched.

You Must Not Touch These 7 Body Parts With Your Hands!

1.    Face

Touching the face with naked fingers has to be minimized, limited to morning wash, makeup and cream application. When you touch dirty surfaces and touch the forehead or the face afterwards, you are putting yourself in danger of skin infections or uncomfortable acne.

2.    Earlobe

Pushing your fingers inside the earlobe, or any other pointy objects endangers the health of the ear. The skin in this part of the body is very thin and prone to infections.

3.    Eyes

Touching the eyes is only allowed if you use contact lenses or removing something. Avoid scratching your eyes at all times, this can led to redness and some serious infections. If you have dry eyes, itching or some other uncomfortable sensations connected to this organ, it is best to ask an expert than to try and solve the problem by yourself.

4.    Oral cavity

Recent British research showed that people put the fingers in the mouth for more than 20 times for an hour if they are bored at work. A different study showed that this action is a source of more than a third of all infections in the body.

5.    Nasal cavity

Do not dig in your nose. People that have this habit have 51% more chance to get the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. This data are published in the journal Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology in 2006.

6.    Fingernails

Experts advice to have short nails because the skin under the nails is exceptionally sensitive and represents a goldmine for bacteria from the environment. The danger is higher if you don’t regularly clean this part of the body of if you don’t do it properly.

7.    Breech

Wiping off the area with a toilet paper after using the restroom as well as washing this body part is the maximum contact you should have. The area around the anus contains bacteria that could be potentially harmful to the overall health. Wash your hands well after any contact with the area.