Advice of the Day: Use Copper to Change Your Health Life Just by Drinking from It

We only think about colors and shapes when choosing dishware, but what about the material from which they are made of? You probably didn’t know this, but copper should be your first choice.

Advice of the Day: Use Copper to Change Your Health Life Just by Drinking from It

There is a big connection between health and copper dishware and that fact can be backed up with a lot of studies. It is proven that copper is a contact destroyer for a lot of harmful materials. When it comes to our bodies, there are many things that can be improved with a pinch of copper, just remember that too much of it can harm your body.

Health Benefits of Copper

Brain Stimulation

If you want to speed up your brain, just add copper to your organism. It will stimulate your body to produce myelin sheaths, an important part of the nervous system, that allows synapses to travel from one point to another.

Helps with Digestion

A tiny amount of copper can help the digestive system since it will stimulate the digestive muscle. It will destroy bacteria and remove harmful microorganisms that upset stomach.

Improve Cardiovascular System

According to US Department of Agriculture, copper can improve certain things in the cardiovascular system. Supplementary copper can open up the blood vessels and prevent blockages by reducing arterial plaque.

Spleen and Liver Support

Vedic people used copper because it is healthy for spleen, liver, and lymphatic system.

Soothes the Joints

You can use copper to treat joint problems, especially if the copper is oxidized and green. This treatment is great because it can alleviate pain connected to arthritis and other joint problems.

Balancing the Thyroid Function

Hypothyroidism is very often linked to a copper deficiency in our body, and this condition is linked to weight changes, mood swings, and hormonal fluctuations, so consumption of copper can balance out all of these things.

Hair Strengthening

Copper improves the production of melanin, a component that is fundamental for healthy hair. It can speed up the hair growth after chemotherapy and it enlarges the follicles.

Better Skin

Just like hair, great skin needs melanin too. Copper promotes production of it and it improves the smoothness of the skin, healing dry and damages one.