Burn a Bay Leaf in Your Home and Discover Amazing Life Hack

Some aromas have very powerful and amazing effects on our body, so burning a bay leaf in your home will do you a lot of good things.

Burn a Bay Leaf in Your Home and Discover Amazing Life Hack

Aromas of bay laurel have incredible effects on us, and even though you can use it as a spice, this plant has other purposes.

Even ancient Greeks used this plant for healing and for other medicinal purposes. Bay leaves have anti-inflammatory and also soothing properties, and they are also excellent when it comes to fighting epilepsy.

You can also use them to treat insomnia, as a stress reliever, and for high blood pressure. You can add them to the meals, or boil in a hot water, or light them in a bowl, letting the aroma spread through your home. You will instantly feel relaxed and happy.

They can be even used as a cockroach repellent and since they are safe, you can use them even if you have kids or pets. They are non-toxic and perfect for kitchen and other places where you keep your food. You can buy them fresh or dry. Dry ones are better since they are much more efficient and emit a stronger smell than fresh ones.