Science Finally Reveals The Truth About Good Sleep!

If you thought until now that only a comfortable pillow will be enough for a good sleep, one new study will change your mind. Namely, the study provides evidence that your sleep will be of better quality if you have something worth of waking up the next day.

Science Finally Reveals The Truth About Good Sleep!

This is a first research of this kind and has been conducted in the United States and researchers found out that having a goal in your life will ensure good quality of the sleep. Even though all participants in the research were adults, the scientists say that the conclusions are applicable to the young people as well.

The problems with the sleep are also associated with many diseases, which means if you have a better sleep you will have a better health condition in general.

Helping people to care about a goal in life can be an effective strategy that improves sleep quality without any medicines. This is especially for the population that is more and more often dealing with problems such as insomnia. Says Jason Oung, one of the authors of the study. He adds that having a goal in life is something that should be cherished and emphasized through therapies.

We knew up until know that adults need seven to nine hours of sleep, but this is different for every person, depending on many factors like age, lifestyle and genes.

Radiation from technology devices and smartphones disturbs the release of melatonin, the hormone for rest, and alters the sleeping schemes. Being overweight also affects quality of sleep as does alcohol consumption and sugary drinks, smoking and lack of physical activity, stress, work in shifts, financial problems and similar things.