Don’t Mix Any of These Medications with Apple Cider Vinegar

Even though we use apple cider vinegar (ACV) pretty often, even when we are solving some health problems, it is good to know that ACV has some negative effects too.

Don’t Mix Any of These Medications with Apple Cider Vinegar

Keep in mind that ACV has some negative effects, especially if you mix it with some types of medications, it can become dangerous.

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an incredible ingredient that can help with a variety of health problems. It can cause for your stomach to feel full for a longer time, so you will lose weight faster. There are also some studies that show how ACV provided a 37% decreased risk of developing esophageal cancer.

It also is anti-fungal, antibacterial and it can prevent the development of a yeast infection, as well as the professional athlete’s foot. There are also proofs that ACV can lower blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol levels or even decrease the risk of cancer. But, besides all of this, you shouldn’t mix it with all of the medications.

Medications That Shouldn’t Be Mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV can behave strangely with these medications, because it reduces potassium levels in the body:

Digoxin – this medication (also known as Lanoxin) is used for heart problems and ACV can prevent the body from absorbing potassium properly. That can increase the negative effects of Lanoxin, which can lead to throwing up, mood swings, or even diarrhea.

Diuretics – Diuril, Thalitone, Lasix, and Microzide and other diuretics are used to deal with bloating, making your body release the water. Potassium in our body deals with the water balance, so if you take ACV, potassium levels will be changed, as well as water levels. You can end up seriously dehydrated.

Insulin – Insulin is used to control blood sugar levels in diabetics. Even though some studies showed how ACV can actually help diabetics to stabilize their blood glucose, it shouldn’t be used by someone who uses insulin. It can lead to low blood sugar levels and that can make severe health problems.