Drain Your Lymph In The Best Way Possible!

Toxins produced by the metabolism are removed by the lymph system. The lymph nodes clean the fluids containing impurities (allergens, cancer cells). This fluid is called lymph and the body has more of it than blood. Still, the blood gets pumped by the heart, the lymph does not.

Drain Your Lymph In The Best Way Possible!

If the lymph isn’t moved out through the kidneys and the liver, it backs up and the result is infection of the nodes and the glands are swollen. This accumulation can be a reason for many health issues.

Usually, lack of movement can be a source of the problem, as is bad diet or having a desk job. So the lack of physical activity causes damage to the lymph system too. Women have even more reasons to keep this fluid moving because they use more cosmetic products full of toxins and they wear bras. Logically, the lymph system has to be drained and here’s how to do this:

Bouncing stimulates the kidneys and the other organs to cleanse themselves. So, get a small trampoline and jump up! Just step up and bounce for a little bit, it does not have to be too high and you can hold on to something to keep the balance.

This works because it increases the natural pull of the gravity on the lymph. The effect is similar to the feeling you get from motion rides or sudden changes in the speed of the vehicle. Even small jumps are efficient.

If you like harder sports like tennis, basketball, jumping rope or something similar, it is even better because these exercises are really good in stimulating the movement of the lymph fluids and the removal of the toxins. Basically, any physical activity involving jumping or running works really well!

Those that do not have a lot of time to devote to physical activity can do rebounding. So this is very simple and the only thing it requires is to get a mini-trampoline, no matter if indoors or outdoors and try to spend a few minutes jumping daily.

Walking has been forgotten a little bit at this time of hyper-exercising. But walking has many benefits to offer, however not just leisure walk in the mall but fast walking. Brisk walks have even proved to be effective in reduction of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. If you walk, do it in nature, with fresh air and plants because this is what matters. Walk inside the mall only when the weather is bad. Walk for 20 minutes 4 times weekly. You can increase the power as you keep doing it and make sure you move the arms since the majority of the lymph nodes are in the upper part of the body.

Gravity helps in moving the lymph as you touch the ground and the sudden stops create even stronger gravitational pull, moving the lymph downwards.