You Should Get Informed About Bee Wax And Its Magical Properties!

Bee’s wax is all natural substance, which is made by young bees that have developed wax glands in which the wax forms. They produce it only when there is enough honey and flower powder.

You Should Get Informed About Bee Wax And Its Magical Properties!

Ingredients and main properties of bee’s wax

Bee’s wax is a complex mix that contains over 300 different materials. Of all healing substances found in nature, this is the one that has the most long lasting compounds. Their effect and quality don’t get lost with time.
It is made of 70-75% of esters, 11-17% of hydrocarbons, 12-15% of organic fatty acids and 0,1-2,5 % water. It also contains carotenoids, aromatic and mineral substances, pollen and propolis.
It dissolves in glycerin, with a melting point of 132-161 degrees Fahrenheit. Honeycomb melts in boiling water, the bee wax floats on top, and when it cools off – it becomes hard. It is necessary to re-melt it and pour it in molds.

The color of the honeycomb changes depending on the flower powder and the propolis. If it has no additives, the color ranges from white to bright yellow and it has a nice smell similar to honey. The other quality ranges from yellow to light brownish color. The third category’s color is from light to dark brown. Yellow honeycomb has 75% of wax, the darker one has 60% and the non-transparent one has about 40%.
The brighter the wax is, of better quality it is. It is elastic, it does not stick on the teeth while chewing and if put into an oven it burns without remains and it smells nice.

Health benefits

Bee wax has been used as a remedy in numerous ways for creams, bandages, balms, for burns, for athlete injuries, and is even used in plastic surgeries. Its use in people’s medicine has a long history.
When heated, it absorbs lots of heat, therefore when it’s applied on the hurt area it improves the circulation and it feeds the damages tissues. It also absorbs the body toxins, has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effect, and it regenerates the skin, making it softer.

Did you know?

• The Greek historian Herodotus noticed that bee wax was used for embalming in tombs. It was found in the Egyptian pyramids. In some regions, people use it to rub the wine barrels in order to keep the wine and its special aroma better.

Use it for allergic reactions on the respiratory tract

Get a bowl and fill it with boiling water. Then, put an aluminum bowl with the wax in it. As the water heats and cools, the healing materia evaporate and help clean and unclog the nasal cavities. The antibacterial properties the wax offers get you relief and clean the respiratory pathways.

Make compressions out of bee wax

Get bee wax that is thick about 0.5-1.5 cm and keep it about half an hour. Heat it with water and after a short cool off, apply it on the affected area, cover it with a cloth and keep it for 30 minutes.
There are wax bandages that stick to the area and are good for one day. This way you can efficiently use it for wounds, sore muscles, joints etc.
If you use wax compressions for knee swelling it is necessary to apply them at morning and at night.
Rheumatic problems can be taken care of with olive oil and bee wax. Heat the wax and add a bit of olive oil and apply the mix on the affected area, leaving it overnight. This will decrease the swelling and the pain, improve the circulation and slow down the inflammatory process. Can be used for the shoulders, the legs, the arms and the neck.

This recipe is for wounds:

• 100g of olive oil
• 20g of white resin
• 8 grams of yellow wax
• 1,5 grams unsalted butter
• 1 gram of incense
Compress preparation:
Mix the ingredients, cook them for 10 minutes and after the mix cools off, apply it on the wound with a cotton cloth.
Chew bee wax to improve your health
If you chew bee wax you can improve the digestion, take care of stomach ulcer, keep your teeth healthy and your throat too.
You’ll get relief from pollen sneeze and asthma if you chew one teaspoon for 15 minutes, 3-4 times a day.
Its anti-virus effect helps with flu and coughs, and is good for the mucus of the respiratory organs. You need to chew wax honeycomb for 10 minutes, 3 times a day.
You can also use it to treat sinuses. Get a piece of honeycomb and chew it for 10-15 minutes and then spit it. Do this 4-6 times daily.

Wax in cosmetics

Many products contain bee wax: beauty creams, anti-aging masks, depilation treatments. It offers natural protection from sunburn, wind and cold.
The bee wax does not clog the pores, it creates a protective layer on top that doesn’t stop the skin from breathing. This protective layer slows down dehydration and skin aging, so the skin becomes soft and elastic. It helps the regeneration process too.
The wax effect against wrinkles is exceptional. Its antibacterial properties make the skin immune to almost every skin disease.

Skin care recipes

These recipes are fairly simple and you can be a witness of this natural way to care for your beauty.

Anti-wrinkle mask that improves skin elasticity

30 grams of each honey, bee wax, white lily bulb juice and onion juice
Melt the wax in clay pot and then add the other ingredients. Stir well and cool. Apply the mix on the face, the neck and the cleavage area, at morning and night. The mix is good for all skin types.

Balm for cracked lips

Melt and mix 50 grams of each lanoline, white wax, Vaseline oil and rose water. When it cools off, pour it in old lipstick container, apply on the lips and you’ll see they are softer than ever!

Nutritive facial mask

• 70 g honey
• 50 g bee wax,
• White lily bulb juice
Melt the wax first and add the other ingredients in a homogenous mix. Use the mask 2-3 times weekly and you will look fresh and rested.

Household use of wax

The white wax is primarily used in pharmacy and beauty industries.
The yellow wax is used in the chemical industry: textile, food, leather, cable, paper, automobile and optical industry. It is also used in painting, sculpture and even for cheese conservation.
At home, you can use bee wax to give the wood an exceptional protection from moisture. It is goof for floor or wooden furniture polishing.
When combined with paraffin, it can be used as a protective layer for many types of surfaces. It loses the plasticity with stearin, while it becomes very sticky with rosin.

User reviews and experiences

Most face creams bother me, due to the strong chemicals they contain. After a long research I found a recipe with bee wax. I made the cream myself and I can say that I am finally rash free and I feel very fresh!
– Anonymous
I’ve been suffering from rheumatic issue for a long time. My neighbor recommended bee wax compressions, saying it helped her sister. I tried it and I got huge relief. I still use it every morning and before I go to bed. I can move faster and smoother without any pain.
– Kate, New Jersey

How much it costs and where to find it

You can find bee wax on the internet, healthy food stores or from private honey producers.
Because of its value, “fake” wax is quite popular and it is usually mixed with paraffin, stearin, ceresin or other types of wax. Therefore when shopping for bee wax make sure you pay good attention.
Our advice to check the wax quality: soak a piece of it in water and leave it resting for a few days. The clean, real wax will have formed a little layer like crust, while the fake one won’t.
The price is ranging and can change, especially relating to the quality. However, mostly the price goes as high as 20 dollars for a kilogram.