Get Rid of the Bad Habit: This Magical Herb Will Help You Quit Smoking Without Any Trouble

Smoking is a really bad habit, and people are often having a hard time to quit it even though it is very bad for the health. This is happening because smokers are getting nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance.

Get Rid of the Bad Habit: This Magical Herb Will Help You Quit Smoking Without Any Trouble

When we stop taking nicotine, the body starts craving for more and then we feel discomfort. A lot of time needs to pass in order to feel free from this awful habit. But, if you want to stop smoking right away, Stevia is a thing for you.

The Magical Stevia

There are many studies on this plant and one conducted in Germany showed that Stevia can help people quit smoking and avoid alcohol.

This plant originates from Paraguay and it has been used as a sweetener. But, it can also block craving signals that the brain sends and make you stop smoking.

In order to stop smoking, you need to intake drops of stevia and every time you feel cravings for a smoke, you put stevia drops on your tongue.

You can find Stevia in powder and liquid form. You can buy it in stores of healthy food or supermarkets. Everyone can use it, from people who are overweight, to people who suffer from hypertension.

Planting and Growing Stevia at Home

You can grow this plant in your home. It likes warm temperatures and the sun and it is recommended to plant it in 12-inch containers. Put a lot of potting soil of high quality. It needs to be exposed to direct sunlight, and you should water it.

Every plant needs to have a space of 18 inches. Use loose and loamy soil and keep in mind that this plant can reach a height of 1-3 feet. Stick to the instructions on the label and remember that this plant doesn’t like soggy soil.

You need to make a good drainage so the root won’t rot.

Storage and Harvest

Fall is the time when stevia plant blooms and you can trim off the flowers then. The plant will grow new leaves then. This is the best time to trim off the leaves, and they are sweetest before it starts blooming.

Once you take the leaves, you can dry them and use them for a long period of time. First, you need to cut off the stems and remove the leaves and tender stems. Put the leaves on the woven fabric. The best thing would be to put the leaves in the sun.

It will only take one day to dry off the stevia leaves. Once they are dry, you can collect them and put in a container. In the end, you can crush them by hand or with a food processor. You need to make a powder out of them.

You can use it to sweeten your drinks or food. Enjoy!