Top 5 Signs Of Vitamin Deficiency – Just Grab A Mirror

Vitamin deficiency can be tricky to discover, especially if you don’t know what and where to look for. Winter time is basically the season when this issue is the most popular.

Top 5 Signs Of Vitamin Deficiency – Just Grab A Mirror

If we don’t have the sufficient amount of vitamin D, which we get from the sun and other important vitamins for our health, we may feel weak and pale.

Maybe you don’t feel this lack, but your body is becoming more sensitive to diseases if you don’t take any vitamin supplements.

Here is how to check if you have enough nutrients and vitamins, just grab a mirror and concentrate on your expression for a little bit.

Here are the vitamin deficiency signs that show on your face:

First Sign: Too Pale Skin

It’s a sign that you lack vitamin B12. If you want to bring back the old you and restore the exact level, try to increase the meat and seafood products in your diet.

This shows you that you are lacking vitamin B12. If you want to normalize your skin color, you need to consume more meat and more seafood, so make sure to include them in your diet.

Second Sign: Dry Hair

This means that you have a lack of biotin or otherwise called Vitamin B7. This may happen because of taking antibiotics. To normalize the biotin level, consume more fruit and veggies, more meat and seafood and mushrooms.

Third Sign: Swollen Eyes

This condition may be caused by lack of iodine, therefore you have to consume products that are rich with iodine, including seafood, sometimes bread, as well as dairy products.

Fourth Sign: Bleeding Gums

This translates into a lack of the all mighty vitamin C. This would be the first symptom that you can discover when you have a lack of vitamin C. If you want to restore the normal levels of vitamin C, you need to consume more veggies rich with vitamin C and more citrus fruits.

Your doctor can give you a more precise diagnosis regarding the lack of this vitamin, so it may be good to pay him/her a visit.

Fifth Sign: Pale Lips

This means you need more iron. If you want to balance the iron levels in your bloodstream, you would have to include more red meat in your diet and at the same time avoid food rich with calcium for a while.