Did You Know How Good Is Potato Juice In Treating Health Problems? You’ll Want To Grab A Potato Right Away!

Maybe you have never known that potato is one of the most efficient natural remedies. Even though potatoes have been used for a long time to help people in treatment of health issues, nowadays the general knowledge is that raw potatoes should not be consumed.

Did You Know How Good Is Potato Juice In Treating Health Problems? You’ll Want To Grab A Potato Right Away!

This is actually not the right fact! Raw potato juice can be very good in lowering high blood pressure, diabetes treatment and oddly enough – cancer!

It is good to peel the potatoes before use, due to the fact that some of them may contain harmful ingredients in the green skin or the sprouts. Numerous health experts have done studies regarding the healing characteristics of juice of raw potatoes.

One health and nutrition expert claims that raw potato juice is actually the best remedy for treatment of gastritis. One tablespoon of potato juice with a bit of water, if consumed on empty stomach before every meal can take care of the problem. For stomach and duodenal issues treatment, half a liter of juice of raw potato taken before meal will do the job too.

Another doctor, working in a medical university in Japan conducted a study with a focus on potatoes raw substance isolation. He found proof that this substance stopped tumor cells from growing and developing in mice, and he published his results in an international congress in Europe.

Potato juice is also used for treatment of heart, kidney and many other diseases, like diabetes and hypertension.

The juice is also great for improving the immune system. In case of fatigue, drink this juice every day, morning and night, for 14 days. You will notice high improvement of your overall health condition.

Benefits this juice offers

  • Prevention of cardiovascular issues
  • Skin diseases treatment
  • Getting rid of liver as well as kidney problems
  • Treatment of gastritis and digestion issues
  • Blood sugar reduction
  • Detoxification
  • Cancer fight and prevention

Additionally, this juice can be great for detoxification of the organism, at the same time supplying it with protein, iron, potassium, vitamins C and B6, and magnesium too.

The juice prevents occurrence of blackheads and acne, making the skin cleaner, healthier and younger. Potatoes also make the skin tighter, which makes them exceptional in dealing with cellulite removal. You can do this by simply rubbing the affected area with a potato slice.

Homemade potato juice recipe

Wash the potatoes well. Next, remove the green parts and the sprouts, making sure to remove any harmful substances, and slice the potato. After that, get a cloth and wrap the potato and squeeze the juice. You can also use a juicer if you have one.

Make sure you always consume this beverage while it is fresh! You can add lemon, honey or apples if you mind the taste and need to make it tastier.

Two glasses of this raw potato juice per day can be quite efficient in fighting and preventing cancer and other health related issues.