Did You Know Watercress Is Proclaimed As The Most Useful Herb Ever?

Watercress (Nasturtium officinale) contains more iron than spinach and more vitamin C than orange and lemon. Her healing properties have been known since a long time ago, but through the generations the herb is forgotten about. The origin of the herb is from Eurasia, so it is broadly spread nowadays and can be found almost anywhere in the world.

Did You Know Watercress Is Proclaimed As The Most Useful Herb Ever?

It is known as one of the oldest herbs whose use goes way back in history. Many old peoples have used it in the diet and for treating healthy issues. Antique Greek doctor and father of the medicine Hippocrates, recommended this herb for treatment of toothache, throat diseases, lung problems, drowsiness and numbness. Old Greeks, Egyptians and Romans knew it as a strong herb that is an energy source.

Egyptian pharaohs ordered their slaves to drink watercress juice every day, so that they could keep their strength and productivity. Today, official international research had pronounced this leafy green herb as the healthiest vegetable in the world.

The watercress stops and lowers oxidant stress and increases the antioxidant effect. The herb affects the exchange of chemical compounds in our metabolism, thus regulating the disorders that may happen, which is important in the approach of natural treatment of diseases.

Watercress cleans the blood, refreshes, stimulates appetite and cleanses the whole organism. When it comes to autointoxication – toxemia, the recommendation is to consume watercress after the long winter period. People’s medicine includes the consumption of fresh watercress and watercress juice.

Fresh juice is recommended to drink in the ratio 1:5. One part of juice and 5 parts of water, because clean juice can cause stomach inflammation. Fresh watercress juice is consumed according to a prescribed recipe because every day use is not recommendable. Breaks are needed.

The fuchsia oil it contains, is excreted in the kidney, and it increases the circulation within the organs, increasing the urination, but extended use can irritate the kidneys. The watercress juice is the favorite thing for external use for skin diseases, and massaging the scalp with the juice or compression application can get rid of hair loss.

Compression of crushed leaves can be applied on sun marks and it gets rid of scabies.

Scientific research speaks of stopping tumorous growth and metastasis (animal experiments), if the watercress extract is injected in the affected body part and also as help with treating cardiovascular diseases and preventing spread of breast cancer. Stubborn smokers are recommended to consume watercress salad, because it has an amazing effect and it stops harmful consequences from happening in future.

To prepare compression of watercress leaves, you can grind them or chop them to get thick mixture that you apply on the affected area. Before applying the compression, clean the affected area with alcohol, apply the compress and wrap it. Keep the compress for 2-4 hours and rinse after taking it off and rub some balm or oil. The watercress compressions are used for different skin conditions, especially the ones caused by different fungus.

Wash the leaves well and leave them in salty water and vinegar. Wash them again to use them for salad preparation. Spice up the salad with chopped garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, a bit of salt and pepper, and if you prefer you can add chopped onion and leave the mixture for three hours before consumption.

Consume it as a dietary food for the mentioned conditions.