Miraculous Balm Recipe – Cure For Many Diseases

We would like to share with you a recipe of a miraculous balm popular in tradicional medicine.

Miraculous Balm Recipe – Cure For Many Diseases

The balm is very easy to prepare, and very efficient too. This miraculous balm is in condition to cure many disease.

This miraculous balm cures bronchitis, otitis, swells, bruises, open wounds, scratches on hands and legs, ovaries inflammation, trophic ulcers, women diseases. It is successfully used for burns. Depending on the disease, the balm can be used with external massage, gentle rubs and compresses.

It can even be used for internal consumption: half a spoon three times a day before meal. The balm is absolutely safe.


  • One egg
  • 2 cups of herbs’ oil
  • A piece of bee’s wax – about 3 oz.

Cook the egg. You will only need the yoke. Put it on a plate and mash it a little bit.


Pour the oil in enamel sauce pan and add the bee’s wax. Heat on a mild fire and wait until the wax melts.


When you hear crackling, take the yolk and with your fingers add a bit by bit in the sauce pan. The oil will start foaming, so be ready to remove from fire. When the oil calms down, put on fire again. Keep on going with adding the yolk, stirring continuously with a spoon. The mixture will change color and become dark brownish.




Remove from fire and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Strain through gauze or cloth and throw away the rest.


When the balm cools off, put it in a glass jar and close with a lid. Store the balm in fridge for up to 10 months.




The balm is very efficient. If used for compressions, it is necessary to heat it up on steam (around 100 degrees Fahrenheit)

This miraculous balm is a remedy for:

  1. Sinus inflammation. Melt the balm in a spoon and use a pipette. You don’t want it to harden so do this quickly. Apply in the nose for two times a day with an hour interval. Doctors claim that you can also get rid of monthly sinusitis. The balm cleanses sinuses and takes out the pus with a large strength.
  2. Purulent otitis. Fold a piece of cotton, dip in the balm and apply within the ear. Change if necessary. The balm cleanses the pus. All kinds of otitis are taken care of with the balm, not just pus otitis.
  3. Purulent tonsillitis, abscesses in the throat, tonsillitis. Apply the balm on the throat and use compressions on the neck. If done at night, it takes about 2-3 times before the abscess ruptures.
  4. Bronchitis, stomach pain, intestines, ulcers. Take half a teaspoon three times a day on an empty stomach.
  5. Women’s diseases: 10 weeks fibromiomas, ovarian cysts, inflammations, mastitis. Use soaked tampons in the balm, and apply in the vagina at morning and night. There are claims that after ten days, cysts will only be memories. Fibromiomas can take a bit longer. With mastitis, use paper napkin, soaked in the balm and apply on the chest wrapping it with a plastic bag. Change every 2 hours.
  6. Burns, ulcers, wounds, swells, toothaches, ankle pain. Apply the balm on the affected area and wrap it so that it stays in place during the night. You can only use small piece of cotton if the wound is not big. You will be surprised by the result. For toothaches – apply the balm on the painful tooth with a clean finger, the pain will go away!
  7. Trophic ulcers, gangrene. Soak paper napkins in the balm and change every two hours. The area will eliminate the pus. You’ll see yourself how this healing process goes, in comparison to all expensive drugs.
  8. Hemorrhoids. Make a gauze tampon and apply in the anus, leaving it overnight for 8-10 days or until you get better.
  9. Painful knees and ankles. Wrap compressions on the area.
  10. The balm is good for strengthening the nails, so rub on the area before going to bed.

Every disease goes away thanks to this miraculous balm!

Tip: the bee’s wax has to be natural. You can use any herbal oil for external use. For internal use it is better to use olive oil. For women’s issues – St. John’s wort oil is the best choice.