This I Why Flip-Flops Are Bad For Your Health!

Flip-flops seem like the perfect summer shoes: they are light, generally affordable and the feet enjoy the warm sun. however, no matter how simple and practical, flip-flops carry a number of potential health problems. These reasons will tell you why this summer you should think about what kind of shoes you are wearing at the beach.

This I Why Flip-Flops Are Bad For Your Health!

Spongy sole is no good surface for the feet

The flip-flops can seem soft and comfortable, but the feet will end up too forward sooner or later, starting from the fact that the flip-flops do not offer additional support for the ankle. As time goes by, this position of the feet starts to create problems with the heels, fingers or the ankles.

Muscles and tendons work overtime

Although the flip-flops are light, it is a fact that the only thing that holds the shoes on your foot are the straps shaped like the letter “V”, which means that the toe fingers have to be stiff while you walk, which in turn makes the muscles and the tendons work much more than usual.

The flat sole puts a lot of stress on the Achilles tendon

The experts claim that the shoes that have mildly lifted sole are ideal for a healthy Achilles tendon. The completely flat heels require unnecessary stress.

No support for the ankles

Wearing flip-flops is the main reason for the increased number of sprained ankles during the summer.

Pain in the hip and the lower back

Wearing flip-flops for a longer period changes the way of walking, so that gradually our steps become shorter, which can be really bad for the hips and the back.

No protection from stones, mud, glass or other’s people shoes

The feet in flip-flops are all the time exposed to a number of dangers, starting from sharp and dirty objects, which drastically increases the chances of getting cuts or stepping on something