These Exercises For Your Eyes Will Help You Get Rid Of Your Glasses

The basic principle of medicine is that if you don’t use the muscles, they become weaker. As any other muscles, it is necessary to train the eye muscles so that they stay healthy.

These Exercises For Your Eyes Will Help You Get Rid Of Your Glasses

We provide you with a few easy ways to do this.

How to get rid of diopter

1.Avoid to exhaust the eyes during the day. Close the eyes for a few minutes and enjoy in peace every 2-3 hours.

2. If you are wearing glasses, try to wear them as least as possible and take them off frequently.

3. Massage your eyes with gentle circle movements. Move the finger from the inner eye, towards the length of the eyebrow, around the corners, finishing at the very bottom of the eye. Use the middle finger and the index finger to apply pressure. You should feel pressure while doing it, but not pain.

4. When you are taking a walk, try to look in front of you, far away, rather than watching your feet and right in front of you.

5. Everyday try simple exercises for your eyes that you can find online. They are fairly simple and easy.

6. Drink carrot juice as much as possible (everyday consumption is recommended).

7. When your eyes are tired, wash them with warm water.

8. Try to minimize your time looking at the computer screen, the TV or the phone for at least two hours before going to bed.

9. Try the Indian Trataka eye exercise. This will help your mind and your eyes to stay focused.
Sit directly in front of a stable object in an open space (ex. Candle). Concentrate your sight on the object. Try not to blink. To reach the goal, you should have a clear and a detailed picture in your mind and memory.