Myths And Facts About Alcohol!

There is an old rule that when you go out, you must not mix alcohol because you’ll get sick and you’ll get drunk pretty fast. That is not true. The rule of the strength of the alcohol or the speed of the consequences is more connected to what you are drinking, and how fast you are drinking it.

Myths And Facts About Alcohol!

For example: two shots of moonshine are not the same as two glasses of beer. The moonshine will have a sooner effect and make you more drunk, than enjoying the beer slowly, besides the fact you cannot drink two glasses of beer in a single gulp, except if you are trying too hard to look cool.

Also, there are substances that are a product of fermentation in the drinks of better quality like bourbon that influence the worsening of the next day hangover, therefore this is the reason that if you drink whiskey, bourbon or scotch you’ll have a worse headache later, but mixing alcohol is not the reason that you feel sick.

Also, keep in mind that men can drink more than women and need much more to get drunk. It is fairly simple really – they have bigger weight which means less alcohol concentration in the blood.

Additionally, coffee does not make you feel better, just makes you feel more awake. It increases the dehydration and can worsen the feeling of being hangover. Avoid caffeine after drinking alcohol and consume sport drinks containing electrolytes instead, since the body lacks electrolytes after too much alcohol.

Try to eat something before going to bed after a night full of drinking. The food decreases the sped of alcohol absorbance and this gives more time and energy to the body to deal with the consumed alcohol.

Alcohol is not the best thing you can consume, buy it does not kill the brain cells. It does affect the ways and means they communicate but that does not mean it kills them. Still, chronic drinking can be a cause of neurological disorders.

Useful tip: colorless drinks or transparent alcohol, so to speak, are better than the colored ones in terms of an easier hangover the next morning, due to the tannin which is a cause of headaches and tension.

Modesty in drinking is the key factor in maintenance of good health and mood, so that is why you should be very careful whatever you are having to drink. The golden rule is: DO NOT OVERDO IT!