Natural Antibiotics as a Drug Alternative: Ten Examples and What to Use Them For

For every disease, there is a cure in nature! We just have to find it! So far some natural remedies have been found, and proved to work as natural antibiotics, without the dangerous side-effects of the drugs.

Natural Antibiotics as a Drug Alternative: Ten Examples and What to Use Them For


First on the list is garlic, of course. If you consume a few garlic cloves daily, you will be immune to all sorts of hazardous microorganisms. Some research has even shown that garlic can even help with AIDS, besides the already known effects against flu and cold. What is good about this natural remedy is that it is cheap and you can find it in almost every grocery store. Best effects are shown when it is consumed in raw form, not cooked.


Lowering blood sugar and treating yeast infections are one of the upsides of this spice.

There are quite a few ways of consumption: with tea, with fruit salads, as a beverage (when mixed with water), etc.

Grapefruit seed oil

This kind of extract has been used for prevention of development of bacteria and fungi, and even though it may seem funny, it has been recommended as a bathroom cleanser.

Keep in mind that different reasons will require different dosage and application.

Manuka Honey

Originating from New Zealand, this is perhaps the most powerful honey, rich with peroxide. It is peroxide that has the antibiotic characteristic. Some of the components of this kind of honey, are nowhere else to be found, which is what makes it so appreciated!

However, keeping in mind the good properties – in this case health has a price! In Whole Foods one container costs about fifty dollars.


This plant is an incredible source of energy! It is great for prevention of auto-immune diseases. When it is digested in the stomach, it shows antibiotic properties. Has also been used for improvement of blood circulation.

Urinary tract infections, bronchitis and even kidney stones can be treated by horseradish. It is most efficient if consumed raw, either blended or squeezed.


Onions are in fact very similar to the garlic and therefore – their benefits are quite similar too.

Vitamin C

You probably already know all the fruits and veggies rich with this vitamin, since it is vital to us and it is always recommended to consume it. Pineapples, cabbage, peppers, oranges are all excessive with Vitamin C. This vitamin owes its popularity to its ability to strengthen the immunity.

If you can drink 100% natural (organic) OJ, it will be like a great nutritive bomb to your body.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This type of vinegar is rich what something called malic acid which has antibiotic properties, assisting in killing bacteria.


Its antiseptic properties are a number one for treatment of dermal problems. Another famous use of eucalyptus is in teas, and inhalation when battling pulmonary conditions. It is a fungus killer too!


People use ginger for treating cold and flu, and they are right to do so. Helping with muscle pain and nausea are just a few more of its many uses.

You have to be careful not to consume large amounts if you are pregnant, because some experts claim that it can lead to complications.