Neck Self-Massage As A Remedy

Are you not physically active? Be careful since osteochondrosis can easily happen to you! It doesn’t spare anyone. Almost anyone is within the risk group not only middle-aged people. Even students often complain about osteochondrosis symptoms.

Neck Self-Massage As A Remedy

Pain in the neck and in different parts of the head, limited ability to move, headache, dizziness, nausea, ear buzzing, these are all symptoms falling in the group called Cervical Syndrome (neck syndrome). But, pain and numbness in the chest, arms and different parts of the head are also frequent symptoms that people never connected to the neck, but they take aspirin “for the head” and “the heart”. Starting symptoms of neck osteochondrosis can be experienced even by people in their twenties. Still, the earlier you discover the symptoms – the better. This is how you can start prevention and avoid medicaments.

If the disease has been neglected, the probability that you will completely cure it is pretty low. However, systematic self-massage of the neck will significantly get you relief and decrease the pain level. The neck massage is not very demanding, it lasts for only few minutes and you can do it few times a day, and most importantly – it gives positive results. In this video for self-massage, the Russian manual therapist Vladimir Mardinski shows you how to correctly do the self-massage on the neck and by that – get pain relief, improve the circulation and the overall health.

It is necessary to know that there are conditions to which any massage can be counter-indicative. Those are the following:

  • Vascular diseases: atherosclerosis, thrombosis, aneurism
  • Acute inflammatory processes
  • Bleeds and blood coagulation disorders
  • Defects of the skin at the place of the massage – moles and warts