This Apple Juice Jam is Amazing! Recipe Provided

It is fall already and this means that a lot of fruits are ready to be harvested. Can we imagine September without apples and pears? Hardly! Besides being great to eat raw, they can also serve us to prepare great jam.

This Apple Juice Jam is Amazing! Recipe Provided

All jams are similarly prepared. The fruit gets washed, the seeds and peels get removed, and there are special machines to ground them, which remove these parts. The fruits get mashed, put in a big pot, sweeten it as preferred and it is cooked on mild heat. It is necessary to stir all the time. You can also add cinnamon or other spices, by preference.

How to prepare apple juice jam

The recipe above is about jam in general, however jam can also be made out of juice. For example, apple juice! This jam represents a true treat and seems more like honey than jam. This type of jam has healing properties and significantly improves the immunity. How to prepare apple jam from apple juice? It would be ideal to use wild apples or at least apples that have not been chemically treated.

Wash the apples first, and clean them. Ground the apples and squeeze them in order to get apple juice. Place the juice in a big pot and slowly cook until the mixture becomes thick. As you can see, squeezing the juice is an additional item in this specific recipe.

Confession of a reader:

She claims that she was bother by high cholesterol for years even though she was not a person enjoying consumption of fatty foods. This influenced the sugar levels and she had to be after a double diet. Additionally, the medications are quite expensive, so she gave up on medicaments and tried a natural way and for four months she ate a spoon of this recipe on an empty stomach and only the next measuring she had a referent value of fat levels. She highly recommends this to everyone.

Immunity recovery tips:

Apple juice jam has great healing properties and can be consumed by itself. A much higher effect is reached however, if other healing ingredients are added. Two recipes as examples below:

Recipe No 1 – Salty recipe

  • 1 jar of Apple juice jam
  • 7oz. of flax seeds
  • 7oz. of sesame
  • 1.7oz of turmeric

Preparation: fry the sesame in a pan. Pancake pan might be the best choice. Make sure you do it for only couple minutes, until you feel the sesame smell spreading around. Put all ingredients in one bowl. Mix it and ground it. This way the organism could easily absorb the healing ingredients that each of these herbs possesses. Mix this mixture with the apple juice jam.

Consumption: apple juice jam is by itself very sweet and strong. Too much consumption will lead to stomach cramps! It is recommended that you take a teaspoon every morning.

Recipe No 2 – Sweet recipe

  • One jar of Apple juice jam
  • 7oz. of dried figs
  • 7oz. of grapes
  • 7oz. of nuts (walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts)
  • 7oz. of cranberry

Mix all the fruits and ground them. The mixture you get should be mixed with apple juice jam. Consume it the same way as the previous recipe – one teaspoon every morning!

It is not a problem if you want to consume one more teaspoon before going to bed either. If you don’t have some of the ingredients – no worries! You recipes will still have healing properties!