This Woman Survived Three Strokes! She Filmed One of Them!

This woman was in a car when she started feeling funny. She stopped the car, took the phone and filmed what was going on with her face. This was one of the three strokes this brave woman survived that week.

This Woman Survived Three Strokes! She Filmed One of Them!

She felt weak and dizzy. She saw the doctor the day before, she has the same symptoms and he sent her home to rest, thinking that she was under stress. This time she decided to film everything that was going on to get a better explanation of what was going on, since what she felt was the third time in 5 days.

She felt that one side of her face was paralyzed, the left hand was heavy to move, and the speech was getting harder. This could not have all been a consequence of stress. She decided to go to another hospital and there she found out that this was one more stroke.

According to expert data, 30 people experience stroke per every minute. Stroke symptoms include: face paralysis, difficulties with speech, weakness in one arm or leg, and no pain at all. Heavier types of stroke include symptoms like: dizziness, headache, unclear sight, swallowing problems, paralysis, loss of balance and confusion.

High blood pressure and cholesterol can lead to a stroke, as can smoking and insufficient physical activity. No matter the symptoms, if someone around you is going through something like this, seek out for help immediately.