Papaya Leaf Juice Can Cure Dengue Fever: Make This Remedy at Your Home

Dengue fever is a very serious disease that is spread by mosquitos and it can even be fatal. However, there is a simple cure for that – papaya leaf!

Papaya Leaf Juice Can Cure Dengue Fever: Make This Remedy at Your Home

In the next few paragraphs, you will find out how to prepare and use papaya leaf juice for treating dengue fever. This will be a piece of cake.

How Does Papaya Help In Curing Dengue?

Papaya leaves contain powerful enzymes (papain and chymopapain), and that substances increase platelet count. They also have some protein, calcium, iron, as well as vitamins, carbohydrates and phosphorous.

How to Prepare Papaya Leaf Juice

Before the start, you have to know that only the raw leaf of papaya may be used as the remedy! Now, here’s what you need.


2 raw leaves of papaya

 What to do:

Take 2 raw leaves of papaya. Remove the stems and the fibrous portions of the leaves

Squeeze out the juice from the leaves and drink juice directly. Repeat the process for another 2 times per day to feel the improvement.

Papaya Leaf paste

A paste made of papaya leaves may also be used as a remedy for dengue fever.

Things you need:

  • 3 raw leaves of papaya
  • 2 tbsp of fruit juice


Take 3 fresh raw leaves of papaya.Put them in a blender and make a fine paste. Combine the paste with 2 tablespoons of any fruit juice of your choice. Mix it well.

Directly consume the mixture. Use it 2 times per day, for around 7 days. You will get total relief from dengue.

Case Studies

There are many cases that prove that this simple remedy actually works.

One of them is a boy that was hospitalized due to dengue fever and he had an enormous decline in the count of the blood platelets. Nothing could help that boy. So, the boy’s father eventually gave papaya leaf juice to his son, and just after one day the boy was cured and released to his home.