7 Tips To Deal With Insomnia During Summer Heat!

When temperatures get really high, many people have problems with sleeping. To chill the room where you sleep, we provide a few simple advices to help you get cooler.

7 Tips To Deal With Insomnia During Summer Heat!
  • Use aloe vera gel

It is known that aloe vera cools the skin, especially if the tube with this product is storaged in the fridge. Put on aloe vera gel before you sleep to get refreshed and plus, have a super soft skin when you wake up the next morning. Any lotion that contains the magical ingredient is a good replacement.

  • Turn off electric devices in the room

Every little thing helps in chilling the room when the temperatures are ridiculously high. Laptops, computers, TV or radio additionally heat up the room when they are turned on.

  • Place a bottle of water on the “cold spots” on the body

The best places to do this are the sides of the knees and the ankles, the neck and the elbows. Press the bottle to these “cold spots” of the body to refresh during the heat.

  • Sleep in cotton pajamas

Sleeping naked in the hot summer may seem like a great idea, but actually you would not be that comfortable because there is no barrier that will absorb your sweat.

  • Eat often, but small amounts

You should avoid consumption of too much carbs during the hotness because it is known that they speed up the metabolism and warm up the body.

  • Shower with lukewarm water

It can be very tempting jump under a cold shower during the hot summer days, but it is smarter to shower with warm water because that way you can easily reach the optimal temperature of the body.

  • Keep a spray water full with water next to your bed

This is not a revolutionary method, but it is practical and efficient solution when you get covered in sweat during the hot summer nights.