You Feel Like You Have Plugs In The Ears? Here’s The Solution!

It is considered that human ears are an organ that cleans itself. At the time of chewing, sneezing, coughing, the layers of fats created in the ears are eliminating themselves.

You Feel Like You Have Plugs In The Ears? Here’s The Solution!

But, it sometimes happens that these layers, if accumulated in the ear canals, turn into “plugs”. This causes the ears to feel clogged. In these types of cases, it is necessary to do a procedure of cleansing the ears.

The simplest and the most approachable product for washing the ears and removing the “plugs” is the solution of hydrogen peroxide. It is recommended to use this solution immediately after you feel an uncomfortable sensation of having your ears “plugged”.

The procedure of cleansing the ears is the following:

Using a pipette, place four to five drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in the affected ear.

After this, wipe off the ear with a paper tissue. During the time of the procedure, do not use ear sticks.

Usually, hydrogen peroxide is great in solving the problem with fat layers in the ears.

If you do not feel a significant relief after the first time, repeat the procedure once again after a couple hours. You can repeat the procedure the next day too.