Coconut Milk Ice Cream Recipe: The Ultimate Metabolism-Boosting Dessert!

1 can coconut milk ( without ch with antioxidants.guar gum) 1/2 tsp finely powdered eggshell calcium (optional) 2 tb dark chocolate chips (finely shredded) 4.5 tb pure cacao powder 3 pastured egg yolks* 1/4 cup + 2tb organic cane sugar 1 tb collagen hydrolysate 1 tsp vanilla ¼ tsp salt Method:

Coconut Milk Ice Cream Recipe: The Ultimate Metabolism-Boosting Dessert!

1) Mix the sugar and ½ can of coconut milk on a medium heat until dissolved. Put it in the fridge, for about (1 hour). This is very useful for people that are on SCD or GAPS diets, because with this process we inverting the sugar and makes it more digestive.

2) Cooled Coconut milk / sugar mixture, together with vanilla, egg yolks and salt mix in the blender on a low speed until you get fine mixture.
3) Add gelatine (optional), cocoa powder, and eggshell calcium (optional), and continue with blending.

4) Put the mixture in ice cream maker, and wait until you get ice cream.

5) As a topping of your ice cream, you can add shredded chocolate chips

6) Enjoy!!!

Coconut milk: is very tasty alternative for milk. Many people have allergic reactions on dairy products. They can have sensitiveness and it can be stressful for the immune system and digestion, which is not recommended when we want to boost our metabolism, or lose weight. Coconut milk is great electrolyte, it is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and rich with antioxidants.

Dark Chocolate: is excellent source of magnesium. Magnesium is essential for initiation of 300 enzyme reactions in our body. We should be concerned about our reserves of magnesium, because diet that we practicing very often lacking with magnesium (due to processed food and soil depletion). Stress is additional factor for losing magnesium. Dark chocolate is excellent stress reliever, and also supports digestion.

Calcium: calcium stimulates metabolism and digestive processes, says Dr. Ray Peat, PhD. Dairy products like cottage cheese, whole milk, ice cream, and other cheeses are great source of calcium, fats, and proteins. This ice cream is diary free, for that reason small amount of finely powdered egg shells can be excellent replacement for calcium. This component is completely optional, and absolutely depends of you.

Organic sugar: supplies your body with instant energy. It is very digestive, and also stimulates metabolism. You should know that your liver stores sugar in form of glycogen, which is essential for fueling your metabolism. It supports converting thyroid hormone T4 (inactive) to T3 (active form) which is very important for releasing instant energy.

According to the Dr. Peat,

“The liver provides about 70% of our active thyroid hormone, by converting thyroxine to T3, but it can provide this active hormone only when it has adequate glucose.”

Don’t totally exclude sugar from your diet. You can make very easy experiment which proofs the need of sugar. Check your body temperature on waking in the mornings. You will notice that it is less than 97.8 degrees, which is sign that your metabolism lacking (thyroid conversion form passive to active is not happening like it should).

Pastured egg yolks: are excellent natural multivitamin. They contain all needed components for maintaining life processes. An egg yolk contains, vitamin A, D, E, B2, B5, and B12, 6 grams of protein, cholesterol, and choline. Few yolks per day is excellent source of all needed nutrients for healthy life.

Collagen: is anti-inflammatory protein which is great for liver detoxification. But the collagen is fully optional.