Try These Foods to Cool Your Body

How to cool off during the summer heat? Refreshments such as vegetarian food rich in fruits and vegetables, tea, mint and lime drink will do the trick, meanwhile avoiding salty and fatty foods, alcohol and caffeine drinks. As the thermometer rises relentlessly so hardly anyone thinks like a gourmet.

Try These Foods to Cool Your Body

Greasy and heavy food that warms the body  makes the heat even more unbearable. However, although it is clear that in the summer you need to align your own pace and physical exertion environment, it is not necessary to give up hedonistic tendencies, especially if you experience food as an additional way of refreshment. Nature itself took care of securing a multitude of seasonal foods rich in nutrients that the body needs most.

Cereals with Lemon Juice

The list of foods to complement refreshments and a variety of cereals (after being cooked and chilled) in combination with summer vegetables and acidulated with lemon juice provide easily-digestible meal perfect for hot summer days. An additional benefit of such a meal is plenty of dietary fiber it contains, and which encourage proper digestion and relieve flatulence and feelings partly caused by the loss of electrolytes through sweating.

Questionable Spices

Anyone who’s ever sent in subtropical and tropical regions witnessed a spice of local food. Hot peppers, fresh ginger, curry, pepper, and other ” aggressive ” spices are an integral part of all dishes and even though you may feel that there is no excessive logic considering that these spices encourage warming the body, they are saving a population of unbearable temperature.

The short duration of their consumption is a consequence of heating, long-term or induces sweating and thus cool the body. So feel free to experiment with all the exotic spices until you find the one that best suits your flavors and cooling properties.

Refreshing Drinks

In a very intense sweating cases, are a good choice and isotonic drinks with the liquid that make up the lost electrolytes, but again cooled to room temperature because too cold drinks have undesirable effects – enhancing the feeling of warmth.

Alcoholic, carbonated and sweetened drinks and caffeine drinks are not a good choice for summer because they increase dehydration process by stimulating the secretion of fluid from the body.

Ice Delusion

In the minds of many, ice cream and cold beer are high on the list of summer refreshment, but unfortunately, these are the same mistaken, at least when it comes to long-term cooling of the body. The intake of any food or beverage where the temperature is much lower than the body temperature of the body will lead to the initial short-term effect of cooling.

But after 15-20 minutes the body physiological reaction to the loss of heat energy in a way that increases blood flow to the ‘chilled’ ‘parts re-establishing normal body temperature and time again, warming the body. Therefore, the ultimate effect of your favorite ice cream or chilled beer still warming the body.

Additional Tips

In summary, there are several basic food rules that make life easier in the summer heat:

  • The best way to prevent warming of the organism is vegetarian, so rich a feast of fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes
  • Food needs to be prepared by poaching and boiling, avoid frying and frying
  • Avoid salty and fatty foods
  • Red meat and processed meat products replace fish and seafood
  • Eat more frequent, smaller meals
  • Be sure to eat breakfast in order to prevent a sharp drop in pressure during the very hot days
  • Tea made from peppermint or fennel and drink lime, grapefruit or lemon will further cool you down and help regulate sweating
  • Light vegetable soup with the addition of cucumber, zucchini or tofu will provide refreshment and recoup the lost electrolytes by sweating
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine drinks
  • Bringing the food and beverage tempered at room temperature