Onions and The Amazing Things They Can Do

Did you know that there exists a vegetable that can cure many different health problems? It’s true, thanks to their potent antiseptic and antibiotic-like properties, onions are some of the best natural remedies.

Onions and The Amazing Things They Can Do

Since onions contain sulfur, they are considered as one of the most powerful immunity-boosters. Among other things, sulfur is required for the synthesis of glutathione (antioxidants) and taurine, which is essential for proper functioning of our cardiovascular system, central nervous system and muscles. Furthermore, because it’s rich in a flavonol called Quercetin, this vegetable is also an excellent antioxidant that fights inflammation, including atherosclerosis, insulin resistance and diabetes, allergies and viral infections.

Onions have a long history of medicinal use. Native Americans are among the first ones that used onions to treat colds and flue. Now, even WHO recognizes this vegetable as a potent fighter against many diseases, particularly respiratory infections.

 Natural Cures

Onions can be used to treat many different diseases and health issues. Some of those include:


Peel an onion and slice it in half. Sprinkle with 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and let it sit for an hour. Take this twice a day and it should help with a cough.


Grate an onion or two, wrap it in a cheesecloth and press the juice. Brew peppermint tea and let it cool. Drink two teaspoons of the onion juice, wait five minutes, and then do the same with the peppermint tea. Keep drinking until the symptoms go away.


Slice one onion into thin pieces. Rub your feet with coconut oil and then put a thin slice of onion into the arch of each foot wrapping it with a cling wrap. Wear socks over, and let the onions work their magic overnight.

Chest Congestion

Crush one large onion and combine it with coconut oil, making a paste. Coat the chest with the paste and cover with a dish towel for an hour or two. Do this few times a day.


Use the film of the onion skin to wrap the cut, and let the antiseptic properties of the onion do their job.

Some of the other interesting onion uses include:

  • Repelling bugs and moths using a cut onion;
  • Repelling plant bugs and pests with sprayed onion juice;
  • Using onion slices on irons to prevent rusting;
  • Using onion juice for hair growth.