Use This Trick And Your Home Will Smell Amazing!

If you use a different kind of deodorizing items and scented candles to keep your home nice and fresh, keep in mind that they are full of chemicals. With this amazing thing, your home will smell wonderful and be without chemicals.

Use This Trick And Your Home Will Smell Amazing!

We all need to protect our lungs, and in order to do that, we need to throw away all the chemicals from your home. Use something more alternative.

This video will show you how to make an amazing air freshener without any chemicals.

You will need:

  • Baking soda
  • Some essential oil
  • Fork
  • Empty candle container
  • Hammer
  • Mason jar with a tin lid

You can use this thing in your bathroom, living room or even bedroom.

Empty the candle holder and clean it out just by using hot water and soap.

Put some soda in the jar, add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil and using a fork mix it well. You can nestle the tea candle in the center.

Then you need to tighten the lid of the jar, and using a hammer and screwdriver poke 5-7 holes.

In the end, uncover the lid and repeat the same thing with the baking soda and essential oil. In the end, tighten the lid and your air freshener is ready to use! It will release pleasant and wonderful smell and your home will smell amazing.