Vaseline: Cheap And Useful! How Can You Use It?

Vaseline is a product that is often underappreciated, although this cheap and simple gel could do a lot for everyone.

Vaseline: Cheap And Useful! How Can You Use It?

It is a basis of many expensive creams, but did you know that Vaseline can be used for the following purposes?

Longer perfume smell

Before you spritz the favorite perfume, apply some Vaseline at a spot that you apply perfume to. The perfume will not wear off as quick as before.

Perfect brows

If you have frizzy eyebrows, hair that often move and make your brows messier, apply a very thin layer Vaseline on them and they will look better!

Cracked lips

Vaseline is one of the best hydrating balms so you can freely use it as a chapstick. Your lips will be hydrated and sensual.

Beautiful long eye lashes

If you want your eye leashes to be long, use the old mascara brush that you previously washed from previous mascara trays and apply some Vaseline on the eye lashes with the brush. Repeat this procedure for a few days in a row, the change is guaranteed. Caution: Remove makeup from the eyes before you do this.

You ran out of makeup

You are getting ready to go out but you forgot you ran out of your favorite lipstick or eye shadow. The little bit of makeup you have left mix it with Vaseline and apply it on the face, no one will notice the difference.

Soft feet

Vaseline is great for care of the cracked skin at all, and if you have this problem with the skin of the feet, Vaseline is the real solution for you. The advice is to apply it on your feet and put some socks on, to keep it as longer as possible on the skin.

Makeup removal

If you have sensitive skin and you have bad reactions towards make up removal tonics, Vaseline is the real solution for you. This product will not only keep you away from bad reaction, but is also great of removal of makeup that is not easy to remove.

After depilation

Your skin is red and irritated after waxing, just apply Vaseline on the irritated area and leave it soak in. The redness will go away quickly.

Split ends

If your hair is ready for a haircut and you grow it and don’t want to change the length, Vaseline is the solution. Apply some on the split ends, which will camouflage the real look until you get ready for a haircut.

Makeup stain

If you accidently succeeded in touching your hair with your lipstick, just apply some Vaseline on the stain and rub. The stain will immediately disappear.

Stains from hair dye

You dyed your hair and you color half of your face too. Just apply a bit of Vaseline at the stain and mildly rub the area until the color is gone.

Pain from earrings

If you experience pain while putting on and taking off earrings, just apply some Vaseline on the wholes and the pain will go away.

What else can you use Vaseline for?

Vaseline prevents damage of the skin caused by wind, it makes psoriasis milder, skin allergies, eczema, hemorrhoids, removes head lice, can be used as intimate lubricant, for care of the men reproductive organ diseases, stops nose bleeds and can be used as a blockage from inhaling pollen if applied on the tip of the nose.

It can be used as a security measure while dying your hair, in order not to stain the skin. It can be also used to remove chewing gums from the hair, remove too tight rings etc.