14 Symptoms That Can Be a Warning about Your Liver

If you notice some serious changes in your organism, you should not ignore it by any means. It might be an indicator of some serious conditions. When it comes to health, it is of crucial importance to notice changes on time so that you can prevent a disease and go to a doctor.

14 Symptoms That Can Be a Warning about Your Liver

The liver is a very important organ and the symptoms regarding it, will be easy to notice. The liver is toxins eliminator, it cleans out blood from the intestines, helping with energy production. There are two steps in the detoxification process.

The first one is production of certain enzymes helping the toxins becoming less hazardous. The second step is the cohesion of those toxins with molecules, making it easier to be eliminated from the body. The liver is a very busy organ occupied with helping in food digestion. When toxins consumption is increased the liver’s work might become slower.

There are some symptoms that are indication of the slower work of the liver.

  • You get tired, even with minimal physical activity
  • Headaches manifested in the temple
  • Pain in muscles and wrists
  • Increased sweating due to the lack of power of the liver to process toxins
  • Because of the incapacity of the liver to work on all the toxins, acne or other skin conditions might appear
  • Allergies, due to large amount of toxins
  • Constipation or diarrhea problems and flatulence
  • Weight gain can occur, although not a lot of food is consumed
  • Bad breath
  • Difficulty with digestion of fatty foods
  • Hormones dis-balance, since the surplus of hormones can not be processed
  • Concentration can be a hard task
  • Possibility of depression development, even though no trauma or disturbing events happened
  • Feeling of being upset might occur as well, anticipating something bad is going to happen

The symptoms can be a sign for other diagnosis of course, but to be sure that no problems can occur with the liver, eat healthy and visit a doctor if you experience any of them.

For detoxification of the liver more fruit and vegetables should be consumed, as well as fish, olive oil, vegetable and meat proteins. These foods don’t contain toxins and are very good for the whole organism, not only the liver. They help the work of the liver and it’s regeneration too. To make sure that the liver is healthy, avoid high consumption of alcohol and caffeine.