Waking Up Between 3am-5am Every Night? Chinese Medicine May Have an Answer

If you find yourself waking up at the same time every night, you might want to read up a little about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Waking Up Between 3am-5am Every Night? Chinese Medicine May Have an Answer

According to TCM, each organ has its time of lowest and highest energy. This is called TCM Organ Body Clock.

In essence, the Organ Body Clock teaches that energy runs through a different meridian of a person’s body at different times of the day. And these meridians can be thought of as channels that send energy to different organs in order to take care of the whole body. But, if there is a blockage in these channels, the energy cannot pass through, causing a build up or a stagnation. This can be a cause for your sleepless nights. According to TCM, if you wake up consistently at the same time, it’s likely you have an energy build up; in other words, a weakness or a disease in the corresponding meridian/organ.

Between 9pm-11pm: Endocrine System

This is the time of the endocrine system, which means it’s time for your body to recover and adjust itself. If you go to bed at this time but cannot actually fall asleep, it could mean that your body is under too much stress. You may find that your anxious and fearful thoughts become louder at this hour..

Between 11pm-1am: Gall Bladder

Physically, gall bladder stores bile, excretes it, and breaks up the fat in food; emotionally, it is the center of self-esteem. If you’re consistently waking up between these hours, you may have blocked energy in this meridian, meaning you could be eating too much of unhealthy fats, or you could be too judgmental with either yourself or other people.

Between 1am-3am: Liver

This organ is responsible for numerous bodily functions, including the clearance of waste and toxins, digestion and hormonal balance. Waking up during this time could mean that one of these functions is weak. Emotionally, it could indicate unresolved feelings of anger, rage and resentment.

Between 3am-5am: Lung

During this time, the lungs are given a boost in energy. Physically, the lungs are always used for breathing, but emotionally, they’re the center where we process feelings of sadness and grief. If you find yourself waking up between these hours,  it could mean you’re unable to relax and trust the direction you’re headed.

Between 5am-7am: Large Intestine

This organ is responsible for clearing the body of toxic waste, so if you consistently wake up during this time, it could mean that there’s some kind of weakness in this area. Emotionally, it could mean you have a difficulty letting things go. It could also mean you’re feeling restricted in life in some way.