5 Things Women Do That Men Love

It’s no secret that some women think all men equate beauty and attraction with large boobs and tiny waists; however, nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, we all care about physical appearances (and men are no exception), but there is much more to attraction and love than a pretty face and a great body.

5 Things Women Do That Men Love

In fact, when asked what they like most about women, most men talk about the girl’s character, things she does and how she speaks. Here are just some of the things that have nothing – or very little – to do with physical appearance that women do that men find attractive.

1.    Being Expressive

Most women have no problem expressing their feelings –in fact, some love talking about them for hours. While you may think this is something most men would hate, it’s not –sometimes, all a man needs is a safe, comfortable environment and a good friend/girlfriend to pour his heart out. After all, men have feelings too.

2.    Being Excited

Whether it’s about a new activity or a vacation or even a new dress – men love when women show their excitement! Being able to show your excitement shows you have things you care about and are a cheerful, positive person. And who doesn’t like spending time with happy people?

3.    Their Caring Nature

Most women are extremely caring – about their family, friends, animals, even people they don’t know. They like helping out, fulfilling people’s needs and making everyone around them happy. This is one of the things that men love the most about women, and one of the reasons why they feel so protective over them.

4.    Hair Flipping

Sometimes, women flip their hair to get a man’s attention and sometimes they do it unintentionally. Both ways work simply because they’re unique to women and are one the cute expressions that show their playful side.

5.    The Way They Make Men Feel Special

Last, but not the least – the way women listen to their men, the way they show their affection in private and public – these little things say a lot about how a woman feels about her significant other, and they make men feel appreciated, respected and loved.