How Much Proteins Do Women Need?

Why is everything in fitness about proteins? Besides them regulating the appetite and helping in release of the excessive fats, they are the basic building blocks for the muscular system. Actually, every cell of our body contains proteins.

How Much Proteins Do Women Need?

The need of protein consumption is undeniable, what represent a dilemma for most people is their amount. This article especially focuses on girls that are physically active and want to be toned.

How does the women’s body react to diet based on protein?

Based on experiences of girls that exercise and are disciplined in following such a food regime. The effect of protein food were up until now a subject of many researches but the first that is specifically about women was conducted at the university of South Florida, with two group of women which did weight exercises during 8 weeks.

The training program was the same for both groups, made of two training weekly for the upper body and two for the lower body. The only difference was the food – one group followed a regime based on more proteins (2,2 grams per kg of body weight per day +25 grams whey protein before and after training), the other on less (1,1 grams of protein per body weight per day and only 5 grams whey protein before and after training). The consumption of carbs was left to the choice of every participant.

After 8 weeks, the group which had more protein, experienced higher numbers of pure muscle mass (2 kg from the body weight) than the group with less protein (680 grams from the overall body weight). This was an expected result from such combination of food and training, but what is probably the most surprising is that the first group consumed additional 42- calories every day, and they still lost more fat than the other group.

Keeping in mind the data from similar research for men, the researchers say that they have the basis for developing a theory that the women’s body reacts much more to protein food than the men’s.

This is motivating for women, but if you want to try it, avoid the weight scale! The muscle weights more than fats. Women with better results did not have significant change in weight scale numbers. Keep track of the changes of the fats and the muscle mass, the difference in clothes and energy levels.

What do you need to remember?

If your goal is to get rid of fat layers and having defined body, forget the hunger and diets based on salad and turn towards a food regime based on consumption of protein in combo with weight lifting trainings.

The proteins will help in muscle building and help burn more calories even when you are not active. Additionally, the stronger muscles will enable more effective trainings which will burn more calories. Those calories that you will consume in proteins, your body will burn in the process of digestion (20-35%), thanks to the so-called “thermic” effect which this macronutrients have. The food based on protein will help you to deal with appetite, keeping you full longer through maintaining optimal glucose levels in the blood.