This Is How Useful Wine Is!

The advantages of wine regarding beauty have been discovered long time ago, and according the words of the esthetical surgeon Richard Bagster, this alcoholic drink rich with antioxidants can do miracles for your skin, if of course, you don’t drink too much of it.

This Is How Useful Wine Is!

Against aging

Wine contains a large amount of antioxidants polyphenols which have a strong effect against free radicals, and therefore have effect against aging.


Polyphenol resveratrol decreases the skin inflammation, so wine can help you in the “control” of acne, and before even getting inflammation.


If you have dry skin, the wine with high concentration of alpha hydroxyl acids is useful for hydrating the skin.

Flawless tan

Red wine could be used as a tonic which will make your skin soft and smooth.


Mix a cup of white wine with a cup of bran and leave it to stand for four hours. After that, use the mixture as a hair mask which will work as a great pilling.

UV protection

The new research showed that white wine, if applied to the skin protects us from the harmful UV rays.

Have you ever wondered why French eat so much food full of calories, and are still vital and slim?

The scientists found the answer to this question, that is that maintenance of slim figure in French is helped by the regular wine consumption which contains the substance call resveratrol.

With the current medicinal and pharmaceutical development, the resveratrol can be successfully extracted. It is mostly present in grapes and seeds, and one pill contains the amount of resveratrol from 1000 liters of wine.