Use Ginger to Eliminate Colon, Ovarian and Prostate Cancer

Ancient people are aware of the health properties of ginger. This root is used for healing of many diseases for centuries. Even modern science admits ginger has a big influence when it comes to improving overall health.

Use Ginger to Eliminate Colon, Ovarian and Prostate Cancer

The ingredients in the ginger that fight cancer are gingerols, shagaols, and paradols and they have been discovered the study that was published in the Journal of Food and Chemical Technology. But, besides that study, there are many others that showed how ginger is efficient when it comes to killing cancer cells in the colon, prostate, and ovarian.

Prostate Cancer Doesn’t Stand the Chance Against Ginger


A pretty promising study in the British Journal of Nutrition showed that ginger extract (zingiber officinale Roscoe) can prevent and decrease the development of prostate cells when used a dosage of 100 mg per kg of body weight. About 56% of subjects showed improvement when it comes to prostate cancer. One more thing this study found out is that ginger doesn’t have an impact on the other body cells (bone or stomach cells).

Ginger Also Destroys Ovarian Cancer Cells

Just like ginger kills prostate cancer, it also eliminates ovarian cancer cells. The study, published by The BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal shows that the active ingredients in the ginger root can stop the growth of cancer cells. Besides that, the University of Michigan showed trials to the American Cancer Association that showed how ginger kills cancer cells. The best thing it that cancer cells cannot become resistant to ginger like they can with chemotherapy.

Ginger and Prevention of Colorectal Cancer

A group of scientists showed in 2003 at the Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research conference how ginger actually protects us from colorectal cancer. This is one among many studies that show the same. One more study published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2015 showed people that ginger prevents as well as kills existing colorectal cancer cells. Neat, right?

Why Scientists Say That Ginger is Better Than Chemotherapy?


There are many proofs that ginger  can protect us from several cancer types, such as ovarian, prostate and colorectal cancer. Ginger is natural, especially if you find an organic one. It kills only cancer cells, leaving healthy ones behind. Of course, ginger cannot be used as an eligible anticancer treatment since it needs more research to be done on it.

Ginger as a Medicine

Everyone should use ginger in their diet, and it will improve overall health. The recommended dosage is four grams per day. This dosage is not recommended for pregnant women because they should consume less, about one gram per day.