Eat More Pistachios Because of These 5 Reasons

Well, who doesn’t love pistachios, those delicious seeds that grow on Pistachio tree? They are native to Central Asia and the Middle East and Chinese people consume twice as many pistachios per year than Americans.

Paleo and Whole30 diet, for example, suggest for people to eat a whole foods and less processed foods. That means more pistachios. Did you know that they go through a very little processing from picking to the supermarket? They are full of fiber, protein, and minerals, and they have it more per serving than many other seeds or nuts.

There are many reasons to eat pistachios, but here are top 5:

 Better Digestion

Since pistachios are full of dietary fiber, problems like diarrhea and constipation will not be a problem anymore. We need to eat fiber to have good digestion and that is why pistachios are great for you. You will feel lighter and full of energy, and your stomach will be thankful to you.

 Protection Against Diabetes

There are some new researches that suggest pistachios can help in a fight against diabetes. If someone is predisposed to this disease, pistachios can help ward off diabetes. This study used participants who were divided into two groups. One ate a serving of pistachios each day, and another group ate the same diet, but without pistachios. The group with this seed had lower glucose and insulin levels.

 Improved Heart Health

There is a distinctive connection between nuts and heart diseases. Among them are pistachios. They can reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, and they do it better than the other nuts or seeds. So eat pistachios as much as you can!

 Improved Complexion

Because pistachios are full of vitamin E, they will make your skin look amazing! They are also full of healthy oils that will moisturize your skin and leave it with an even more complexion. Pistachios can block UV rays and prevent signs of aging.

 Improved Immunity

When you add pistachios to your diet, you are improving your immunity. They are full of antioxidants and they boost lutein in the body. Lutein is a carotenoid that reverses and prevents damage done on a cellular level. There are even some studies that show how carotenoids can help in a fight against cancer. Pistachios are also high in Vitamin B, and that means healthy red blood cells and strong immunity.

Eat raw pistachios and you will feel healthier in just one day. You can also try out some recipes with them just to make them interesting.