Destroy Cysts and Fibroids with This Natural Remedy

This simple remedy can cure whole range of health problems, but it’s most effective in dealing with cysts and fibroids.

Destroy Cysts and Fibroids with This Natural Remedy

The Latin name of this plant means “always living”. It’s because this perennial plant keeps its leaves in winter and is very resistant to bad weather conditions. Houseleek contains nutrients which work well against fibroids and cysts. Consuming the following recipe will destroy any cysts and fibrosis:

Needed ingredients:


Chop the houseleek, mix it well with the honey and put both ingredients in a bowl. Leave this mixture for about 3 days until the chopped houseleek is nicely soaked.


Take this remedy every morning on empty stomach, and avoid eating and drinking anything for the next two hours. You will boost your metabolism, and flush out all the toxins from the body. This remedy is great especially for the winter months, when your body accumulate toxins, as a result of reduced physical activity.