What Are The Basic Fitness Mistakes Women Make When Exercising And How to Avoid Them

Which fitness mistakes are most often made by women while exercising? While training on a same program for a longer period of time, exercising on an empty stomach, eating junk food, avoiding harder exercises and more, and more…

What Are The Basic Fitness Mistakes Women Make When Exercising And How to Avoid Them


Everything that is excessive is harmful, no matter what it is. Hard training is goof, but over-training – can be fatal. Cortisol that is increased by over-training blocks fat burning, stops protein synthesis and decreases the level of testosterone in the body. How to avoid over-training?

Exercising on an empty stomach

This decreases the speed that muscles work with. Lower level of blood sugar as a result of hunger makes brain work harder and exercising more difficult. Diet is a unavoidable part of maintaining a good shape, but constant hunger burns the body out and does not lead to successful results.

Running long distances

Long distance run increases endurance, but can have a counter effect. Interval trainings with short sprints and active renewal speed up the metabolism and decrease the pressure on the joints.

Exclusion of carbs

We all know that proteins are a basis for building muscles, but carbs are also important. They help in glycogen renewal and give energy for regular trainings. Constant result without carbs is not possible, only a temporary loss of weight is.

More repetitions with light weight lifting

The claim that trainings with lighter weight lifting and more repetitions tone the body, and trainings with heavier lifting lead to building of muscle mass is a lie. The only way for body toning is fat loss, and this can be done by building muscle mass and speeding up the fat burning.

Having a routine

Training with a same scheme for a long time gives results only up to a certain moment, after which the body gets used to it and “falls asleep”. That is why constant changes in the fitness regime are necessary.

Eating junk food

You think that a few hours of exercise give you the right to eat anything you want, including junk food? Not only are they full of sugar and salt and all your effort won’t pay off, but they will also help you store a sufficient amount of fats.

Avoiding “sharp” exercises

Many women do cardio to burn fat and avoid lifting so that they won’t build up too much of muscle mass. Big mistake! Lifting also burns calories and fats even when not exercising.

Slave to numbers

To always look at the display how many calories have you burned, or the weight scale, does not give you a realistic picture for the results. Burned calories depend on heart frequency, body fat and the level of physical activity so do not trust the number too much!