Women Fitness Myths!

More and more people realize that they need more exercise and change in their everyday life so the gym gets more popular every day.

Women Fitness Myths!

Women usually avoid fitness. Unfortunately they are uninformed and not interested for sport principles, nor for the possibilities. Fear of weight is even more influential for them.

Sport not only makes it possible to lose weight, but also maintain good health – you can overcome stress. When sport is combined with an appropriate food regime, it provides visible and long-lasting results.

These are a few myths circling around, especially for weight lifting.

Big muscles

First and foremost it is good to know that trainings with weight lifting will not make you look like body builders. The hormonal balance of the body does not allow muscles to grow like they do for men.

Men have testosterone, which influences the muscles development. It is rare for women to have large quantities of this hormone. The bone system is also built in such way so it does not allow excessive muscle growth.

The gyms have principles that are for the stronger gender and for the females. There should not be any difference in exercising the same way there is no biological difference between the two genders.

Shaping a specific muscle

Some muscular groups can develop more than others. But the change of the shape is impossible, it is what we are given since birth. You cannot make just one body part to be perfect.

The idea of fitness is to have a complex influence over the whole body, and not just shape one body part. There are groups that are tightly connected.

Women usually focus on the upper body. But imagine a building with unstable basis – it can easily fall apart.

That is why you should not ignore the legs. When they are overwhelmed, a large amount of testosterone is devoted there, which helps for greater efficiency of every exercise for other muscle group.

Universal program

What works best for your friend may not be the best for you. Fitness is not mathematics, it give a possibility for individual solution.

Everyone has a muscle that develops faster than others. That is why beginners start with basic exercise which in a later phase show which group of muscle needs more work.

That is how you can find your best option and make a goal with a plan how to reach it! The motivation will also be bigger when you are aware of your goal!