The Difference Between Short-Term and Long-Term Diets!

Almost all diets have effect  If you don’t have significant metabolism problems, almost every diet will give the effect of losing weight. This is due to a few factors: first, the routine itself (no matter which) contributes towards stabilization of calories intake and starting negative energetic balance.

The Difference Between Short-Term and Long-Term Diets!

Second, the diets automatically mean excluding the food high in calories, you simply stop eating anything and everything.

Third, unfortunately, big part of the popular diets are strongly limiting (restrictive) and losing weight comes as a natural consequence. However, here comes the question – how long is the diet’s effect?

Almost all diets have effect… short-term effect

That is the main problem of all diets: while they last – there is effect and once you stop, the same day starts the reverse process of gaining weight again.

This phenomena is known as yo-yo effect. You will notice that many diets advertise that they don’t have a yo-yo effect, which is not true. This effect has significant physiological mechanism, cannot be easily beaten and is turned on as a defensive mechanism of the body that thinks that it is in danger of hunger.

The basis of the yo-yo phenomena is the altered metabolism. A habit of regular diet is developed then, winter weight and summer weight, periods of uncontrolled eating and periods of starving. And all this could be to some extent acceptable if it didn’t became clear that the yo-yo effect has a bad impact over the health in long-term and it increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Our health could be endangered by diets

The real danger from diets comes in long term and this is masked by “fast success”. The key question is – how to measure if a diet was successful? If the criteria is only the lost weight – then we aren’t seeing the big picture. Even the temporary altered parameters in the blood test do not show what really happens with our body.

When our bodies are concerned, we shouldn’t think in weeks or months but in years or decades. What does this diet do to my body and what effect I will have in 20-30 years from now? That is the true question. There are many popular diets at the moment that force meat products. A famous anonymous doctor answers this with just one question: do you know that the World Health Organization declared the processed meat products as cancirogens from first, highest category? Therefore, could the diet that recommends bacon for breakfast be healthy?

South – Eastern European doctor has a program: introduction in long-lasting changes

His program is based on the values: gradually, actively, permanently.

Gradually, because sudden food variations are not healthy and shock the organism. Actively, because losing weight with a diet regime without physical activity is not healthy and is artificial weight loss. Permanently, because changes in diet and lifestyle should be permanent.

He claims his goal is not to have patients return once a year (sometime in spring), but to come once in a lifetime, gradually change their habits towards healthier ones and live the life healthy and happy from their look. Anyone can!