The Magical Uses of Baby Powder (Talc Powder)

A pack of baby powder is cheap and won’t overwhelm your budget and you would be amazed when you find out everything that it can help you with.

The Magical Uses of Baby Powder (Talc Powder)

Here are 15 things that you will “regulate” with baby powder.

Absorbing grease

Next time when something greasy spills on your shirt or your carpet, cover that part with baby powder. It absorbs the fat and it freshens the fabric.

It cleans pets

Baby powder can be used as a dry shampoo which will make your pet smell nice and be refreshed without getting wet.

It cools the sheets

In hot summer nights spill baby powder on the sheets. They will smell god, and the powder will absorb the sweat from your body which will help you get a better sleep.

It gets rid of the bad smell off your shoes

Cover the inner part of your shoes with baby powder and leave it over night. Next day wipe it out and put the shoes on that will smell like new.

It freshens books

Old books can get a new look with the help of baby powder. It will absorb any moisture.

It makes your lashes stand out

Baby powder should be applied to lashes before mascara. You will get fuller and thicker look.

It prevents skin irritation

On the inner side of your thighs apply baby powder so that you could avoid skin irritation by the rubbing of the legs.

Fixing creaking floor

Do you have a floor that creaks? Apply the baby powder over the floor, and fill in the cracks afterwards with a broom.

It chases the ants away

Spill powder in front of the door or around the windows. Ants will for sure run away from your home.

Decreases pain when waxing

Apply powder on your legs before waxing. This will create an additional layer that will protect you from a possibly too hot wax.

It can replace a makeup powder

Instead of expensive makeup powder that you apply as a finishing layer when putting makeup on, apply only a small amount of baby powder on your face and you will look amazing.


Instead of deodorant, you can apply baby powder. It absorbs sweat and keeps fresh smell.

Refresh your pet bed

Apply baby powder to the basket or the bed where your pet sleeps. This is the quickest way to refresh it.

It helps your hair

Is your hair frizzy? Mix baby powder and equal amount of baking soda. The mix you get works like a dry shampoo, and your hair will be thankful and smooth.

Air freshener

If you don’t like baby powder smell, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Apply it over your home, and it will smell wonderfully!