Did You Know That You Can Use Corn Silk to Heal Your Body? Here’s How!

We all throwaway corn silk when we are preparing a meal, but that is a right thing to do. Corn silk has many great health benefits, and you should know about them.

Did You Know That You Can Use Corn Silk to Heal Your Body? Here’s How!

Here are just some of the health benefits of corn silk:

Assists in Blood Clotting

Because it contains vitamin K, corn silk helps in blood clotting. This happens because vitamin K helps our body not to lose excessive blood when we are hurt. It helps in blood clotting and prevents blood loss.

Controls Blood Sugar

There are many studies that prove that silk is actually an agent that controls blood sugar levels. It can increase insulin levels and repair damaged cells in the pancreas.

Diuretic Properties

When our body is full of toxins and excessive fluids, corn silk can help in removing them from our body.

Controls Cholesterol

You can also use corn silk to control cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol can lead to damaged heart, and using corn silk can keep these problems away.

Prevents Kidney Stones

People used corn silk to prevent kidney stones for centuries. Since they are formed by the accumulation of small crystals in the kidney, corn silk prevents the accumulation of crystals.

How to Consume Corn Silk?

You just need to boil corn silk with some water and then serve it cold or hot. You can add lemon to improve the taste.

Another way is to put corn silk in a jar with water and keep the jar under the sun for one day. In the evening add honey and drink it.

Use only organic corns and don’t overuse is. If you are pregnant, consult your doctor before using these remedies.