Researcher Confirms: Coconut Oil Fights Alzheimer’s Disease

Along with cardiovascular disease and diabetes, dementia and Alzheimer’s are the most prevalent diseases worldwide. In fact, around 44 million people around the globe have Alzheimer’s or a related dementia, and what’s even more worrying is that only 1 in 4 people with Alzheimer’s actually get diagnosed.

Researcher Confirms: Coconut Oil Fights Alzheimer’s Disease

But according to Dr. Mary T Newport, there is hope on the horizon and that hope comes in the form of coconut oil.

How Coconut Oil Fights Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Dr. Newport spent a lifetime researching Alzheimer’s, and she came up close and personal with this disease when her husband, Steve, was diagnosed with progressive dementia. During her research, Dr. Newport came to a conclusion that medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) which are contained in coconut oil, could be a promising treatment for Alzheimer’s and dementia. To cut to the chase –Dr. Newport’s suggested treatment consists of low carbs in the diet and high amounts of MCT oils (and foods) that will produce ketones as an alternative fuel for the brain cells.


The human body primarily runs on glucose, but if a person has diabetes and not enough insulin to help their cells absorb glucose, their body starts using ketones as a source of fuel. The same thing happens when a person doesn’t have diabetes but purposefully eats a low carb diet with lots of MCTs.

According to Dr. Newport, this state – the state of hyperketonemia – can elevate the cerebral blood flow by 39%, thereby reducing cognitive disorders and improving memory.

Although medium chain triglycerides can be found in other foods such as palm kernel, goat milk, and cow milk, coconut oil is by far the best option since it contains the highest amounts of MCT, no cholesterol, and about 60% medium fatty acids.

Coconut Oil in Practice

When her husband’s condition deteriorated, Dr. Newport, following her own advice, started the coconut oil treatment: for thirty days, she gave Steve 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and then assessed the situation. Her husband’s memory improved, as well as his coordination, and his depression decreased too.

According to Dr. Newport, every single person with dementia or Alzheimer’s should try the coconut oil treatment, as it’s bound to lead to an improvement.