Make Cinnamon Oil to Prevent Many Diseases and Improve Your Overall Health

Cinnamon is a plant that comes from Asia and is most common in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Madagascar. As a spice, and the drug has been used since the time of ancient Egypt.

Make Cinnamon Oil to Prevent Many Diseases and Improve Your Overall Health

Today we can say that it is ideally a combination of great spices and natural medicine. There are two types of cinnamon oil. The first type is the essential oil of high strength, which is made from the leaves and bark of the plant with very complex procedure.

The second is extracted cinnamon oil that you can do.

You need:

  • several sticks of cinnamon
  • pure olive oil (refined)

Put complete cinnamon sticks in a jar. Pour olive oil over the sticks. Close the jar tightly and leave at room temperatures for 3 weeks. Shake jar every day. After three weeks, strain the oil through cheesecloth in a dark glass bottle.

After this, your oil of cinnamon is ready for use. Number of sticks of cinnamon is determined arbitrarily, but it would be best if a jar is filled (at least 5-6 sticks in half a liter of oil). The higher the number the better cinnamon sticks.

If you cannot find sticks, you can use powder in the ratio of 1: 5 in relation to oil (100 grams of cinnamon powder in half a liter of oil).

Oil will have a great aroma and taste. The combination of more medicinal herbs and healthy olive oil with all the useful and medicinal ingredients of cinnamon is a true elixir of health for both external and internal use. Cinnamon oil is a potent antioxidant that prevents damage and protects cells from free radicals that cause the most serious diseases and aging organism.

You can add over the finished dish, in salads or cakes depending on how you prefer the taste, but I do not recommend long-term heat treatment. Yet oil is the easiest and best to drink after 1-2 teaspoons morning and evening.

The oil has antiseptic, antibiotic, analgesic, and aphrodisiac properties.

According to a study Wheeling Jesuit University in the United States use of cinnamon or cinnamon oil is an excellent tonic for the brain that prevents the tension, irritability and memory loss and significantly boosts brain activity.

Using oil of cinnamon is an excellent way for blood purification of all impurities, and therefore works great at preventing the occurrence of pimples. Cinnamon oil improves blood circulation and prevents the formation of clots, and its regular use boosts metabolic activity, reduces blood pressure and reduces the possibility of stroke and heart attack.

In addition, regular use of cinnamon oil improves blood sugar control in diabetics and quickly normalize blood sugar. Oil of cinnamon has a positive effect on the destruction of bacteria in the urinary tract, especially in the gallbladder. Except that prevents and destroys bacteria, oil of cinnamon reduces and destroys the fungus and is applied as a remedy for candida.

Regular use of the research showed that the use of this oil has a positive effect on the work of the colon and prevent colon cancer.

The long experience of using cinnamon and oil of cinnamon in the oriental diet showed significant improvement in digestion and reduce the incidence of gas and bloating. For all the problems and infections in your mouth, eye tooth tissue, sores in the mouth, and fungi by language it is necessary to take a spoon of cinnamon.