Make Excellent Coronary Arteries Cleanse with Just Three Ingredients

We all know that the arteries in our body carry all the important nutrients and oxygen to organs and the heart. Because of that, it is more than important to keep them healthy and unclogged.

Make Excellent Coronary Arteries Cleanse with Just Three Ingredients

When you eat greasy food and all kinds of processed products, your body, and cardiovascular system can have severe problems. If you use next three ingredients in the right way, you can clean clogged arteries and be healthy again.

A beverage made from these ingredients will eliminate body fat and also cleanse your liver. When it comes to viruses and bacteria, this remedy will protect your body from them. Here’s how it’s made:

You will need:

  • Eight lemons
  • One piece of ginger (about 4 to 5 cm)
  • Eight cloves of garlic
  • Four liters of clean water


Wash lemons and then chop them into slices. Then peel the garlic and ginger too, and put all of them in a blender. You need to get the homogeneous mixture and once you get it, put it in a pot.

Add water to the pot and cook it. Once it starts boiling, moves the pot from the heat and let it cool. Strain the mixture and pour it in a glass bottle.

How to Use It:

This remedy is extra healthy and you need to drink it every day, about two hours before each meal. Also, you need to be physically active about three times a week. You will cleanse arteries, lose excess weight and improve your health. What more can you ask from one drink, right?