Recover Your Immunity in Just a 15 Seconds with The Advice of Russian Doctor

We all have an immune system, and it is a collection of structures and processes in the body. Immunity can protect us from diseases or other toxins. It can protect us from a variety of threats such as parasites, bacteria, and viruses.

Recover Your Immunity in Just a 15 Seconds with The Advice of Russian Doctor

Immunity is made out of cells, organs, and tissues and organs, and they all work to make our body healthy and keep it that way. Our body is an ideal place for all kinds of microbes, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses, so we have to have the immune system to keep us protected.

On the other hand, when immunity hits the wrong target, there are various disorders that can occur. Allergic diseases, one form of diabetes, and arthritis can show up as a result.

When it comes to improving and protecting the immune system, the popular Moscow professor Sergei Bubnovskiym showed the world his new method of boosting immunity.

This method requires soaking legs in an ice-cold bath for about 15 seconds when you come home from your work. It will strengthen your immunity and improve your health.

There is even an English study that showed how daily cold showers can increase the numbers of white blood cells which fight the disease.

The team at the Britain’s Thrombosis Research Institute discovered that the body tries to warm itself when we have cold showers. This leads to increased metabolic rate and the immunity gets activated.

So if you want to boost your immunity, here is what you need to do:

Put some cold water in a bathtub or basin. Add plenty of ice cubes and soak feet in it for 15 seconds.

Repeat this procedure every night before bedtime and your immunity will become stronger than you can ever imagine.