Easy and Fast: Learn How to Grow Delicious Blueberries

There is not one person on a planet that doesn’t love blueberries. They are super healthy, full of antioxidants, nutrients and a great addition to your diet. If you too love blueberries, you can learn to grow them in just 6 easy steps.

Easy and Fast: Learn How to Grow Delicious Blueberries

There is a study from 2012 that showed how one serving of blueberries can help in decreasing of cognitive decline. One year later, another study showed that berries clear toxic proteins that can accumulate in our brain.

How to Grow Blueberries in 6 Steps

  1. Prepare your soil and choose a planting spot

Keep in mind that blueberries need a lot of sunshine and a lot of water. So, find a spot with a lot of sunshine and with excellent drainage (you will water them a lot).

Raised beds are better than regular soil. Space should be around two and a half feet in diameter, and a foot deep for each bush. Also, you need to mix pre-moistened peat in with the soil.

  1. A plenty of space

For this project, you will need a bit of space because blueberries need a lot of space to grow. You need to separate bushes by 2-2.5 feet, or 6-foot space for one bush. If you are doing it in a row, separate them by 8-10 feet.

  1. The planting process

First, you need to know that blueberries are best planted in spring and fall. These two seasons are best for their thriving.

When it comes to soil, you need to use half and inch more planting soil than topsoil, and also pack the soil around the root and only then add the rest of the soil.

Water your bushes with plenty of water, and do that frequently.

  1. Mulching

You will need sawdust, rind mulch, grass clippings and acids tripe as a material for mulching. Because blueberries have shallow roots, you will need to give them good nutrients. A good amount of mulching material is 2-4 inches and it should be replaced every year.

  1. Pruning

If you want for your plants to grow healthy and strong, you need to keep them pruned regularly. Just clip off dead shots and any flowers.

Some tips:

  • Clear the dead woods
  • Just remove any growth from the bottom of the bush
  • Clip off discolor and short branches
  • Clear about half of the wood


When growing your blueberry bushes you need to use organic fertilizers and blood meal and cottonseed are the best. Manuel can damage the plant, so don’t use it.

Follow these steps and you will have fresh blueberries in a no time!