These Seven Foods Will Eliminate Cancer, So Start Eating them Right Now!

According to the recent study, there are seven types of foods and drinks can help you in a fight against cancer cells. So, if you want to stay healthy, eat these foods.

These Seven Foods Will Eliminate Cancer, So Start Eating them Right Now!

Red wine, blueberries, tomatoes, green tea, curry, black chocolate and tomatoes are very effective, even more than the chemotherapy treatment. So these foods can stop the blood supply to cells of the tumor, and eliminate cancer.

The mention feature is also involved in the creation of new blood vessels in our body, and it called angiogenesis. This process is usually regulated by some kind of activator, which is in the cancer case the carcinogenic cells in the body.

They stimulate activators to increase the vascular growth. In the end, the body starts producing new blood vessels and to supply the tumor with nutrients and oxygen.

Food That Stops Angiogenesis


Turmeric powder is also contained in the curry dishes, and it is extremely healthy and strong spice. It can speed up the metabolism and improve overall health.



This is one of the healthiest fruits there is. This fruit is loaded with healthy ingredients, and it has a lot of phytochemicals, which will protect you from different kinds of cancer. Ovarian cancer can be specially treated with this fruit.



People who consume tomato juice more than five times per month have reduced the risk of prostate cancer by at least 50%. This is because tomatoes are full of compound lycopene, which is a very strong anti-angiogenic agent.

Red Wine


Grape is full of resveratrol, and this ingredient has very powerful antioxidant properties and helps in decreasing the risk of cancer. Wine can eliminate dangerous and free radicals, and increases glucose tolerance. Besides these things, it can improve mental function and repair damaged DNA.

You can drink one glass of red wine per day, and the risk of cancer will significantly decrease. Wonderful, right