Excellent Calendula Crème for Hemorrhoids, Skin Care and Spider Veins! Here’s How to Make it at Home

Calendula oil is something that everyone would wish to have at home.  It is a natural remedy excessive with healing properties.

Excellent Calendula Crème for Hemorrhoids, Skin Care and Spider Veins! Here’s How to Make it at Home

The Latin name for calendula is  calendula officinalis. It is used in many ways for many purposes. It can be consumed as oil or tea, and has been broadly used within cosmetics production, treatment od digestion tract problems, especially for hemorrhoids.

In ancient times, calendula was appreciated as a erb that was used as elixir of youth, and its petals were used to ornament food.

Many say that calendula crème is the best thing for the skin, and that no skin disease is resistant to its healing properties. Use of the calendula crème has been supported by contemporary medicine doctors, because this herb has antimicrobial, antioxidant and antibacterial powers.

Calendula officinalis is a one year herb, originating from India. The flowers contain essential oils, used for the calendula crème, full with vitamin C and flavonoids

The whole plant is used, since every part is useful. It is best to plant calendula seeds in early spring (March), and later on move the roots for an inch  from one another.

Best time for harvesting is July or August, in the middle of the day when it is sunny and hot. If the July temperatures are high the plant may flower and give seeds at once, but when the next rain comes than the herb renews itself. Drying calendula has to be fast when the temperature outside is above 95 degrees Fahrenheit. When the flowers are dried out, remove the petals and dry them a bit longer.

It is a favorite herb, present in almost every garden. It is not too sensitive to drought, in fact the plant likes warm climate. If the ground is with humus, than it gives the optimal harvest material.

Use of calendula crème

Therapeutic use of calendula originates from ancient Egypt, later spreading in Europe.

Calendula crème has been traditionally used for treatment of conditions that require skin regeneration like cuts, burns, wounds, warts etc.

It is also used for different skin diseases like dermatitis, acne and eczema. Calendula crème for veins is used for spider veins and hemorrhoids, but also for skin ulcers. Can be used for treatment of little wounds in the mouth and vaginal cleansing.

Calendula flowers are yellow because they are full with carotenoids, that transform in vitamin A within the organism.  This vitamin is antioxidant and prevents cells damage, often used for preservation of eyesight and improvement of eye function.

Calendula helps with stomach cramps, used for menstrual pain and gallbladder dysfunction.  It can be used in tea mix for treating malignant diseases. Another use is for asthma treatment.

Cold calendula tea is consumed for eye cleansing, for mouth wounds and fungal diseases.

Liver problems and jaundice can also be helped by this amazing tea. It works as a mild sedative, which makes it good for treating insomnia, necrosis and tension. In pregnancy, it helps prevention of stretch marks appearance if used as crème.  During pregnancy hemorrhoids can often appear, and if you see the first signs of tickling sensation in the anus, homemade calendula crème can be used for prevention.

How to make homemade calendula crème

To prepare calendula crème, you can use hemp oil because it is rich with essential fat acids, that are especially useful for skin diseases treatment like dry skin and eczema. It is easily absorbed and is not too oily, but can be replaced with olive oil which has longer shelf life.

When preparing this crème you must be careful not to overheat it. The oil and the flower petals have to be slowly heated, on a low temperature to prevent their over cooking.

The preparation of this crème can be a good chance to teach your child something useful. Your kid can collect the petals and mix them in a bowl.

What you will need:

  • 2 cups of calendula petals
  • 1 cups olive hemp oil
  • 1/4 of a cup bee’s wax
  • 10 drops of essential lavender oil


Put the petals in stainless steel pot and cover them with the oil. Slightly heat it up and stir the mix to make it equal. Pay attention to the bubbles in the oil to make sure that the temperature is not too high. If the bubbles appear, lower the temperature.

Keep stirring for 2 hours, maintaining the temperature.

In the meantime start to melt the wax but try to have them on equal temperature with the oil for the time when you will mix them together. After 2 hours, strain the petals and pour them in the wax, stirring to make them one, equal mix. Add 10 drops of essential lavender oil in this mix.

This oil has double role: serves as a additive and has healing, calming effect. Pour the warm mix in smaller containers and let it cool. Keep it in a cold place.

Simple recipe


  • 50 fresh calendula flowers
  • 4 tbsp of animal fat

Remove the petals from the flowers and fry them in the hot fat. Leave it for a day and heat it up again and strain them in small transparent jars. When it is cold, close the jars and keep them in a cold place. Use the crème for appliance on a painful and inflamed spots.

How to use calendula crème for the face

Calendula is popular in cosmetics for its properties to get rid of blackheads, dark spots, acne and decreases scar visibility.



  • 10 oz. boiling water
  • 5 oz. dried calendula petals
  • 2 oz. emulsifier
  • 5 oz. of glycerin
  • 4 drops of benzoin tincture
  • 5 drops of calendula oil

First, pour the boiling water over the petals. Cover the pot and leave it cooling for awhile. Add the emulsifier and the glycerin above a pot with slowly heating water – on steam, and stir until is melted (around 10 minutes). Remove from heat and add the petals together with the benzoin tincture and the calendula oil. Stir well until it is cool and sip the crème in small containers. This mild crème is good for every skin type.

Calendula crèmiie for hemorrhoids and spider veins

This healing calendula crème  is very efficient regarding spider veins, whether there are wounds present or not. To prepare it you need four hand grips of chopped calendula plant, and 2 cups of high quality animal fat.  Heat the fat on the highest temperature and add the calendula. Stir well and remove from heat when it is cooked through.  Cover the pot and leave it overnight on a room temperature. The next day slightly heat up the mixture to be able to strain it. Store in a container.

You can use it every day, rubbing it a few times on the affected area.

Is it safe to use calendula crème during pregnancy?

This crème is 100% natural and recommended for dry and sensitive skin. There are no counter-indications but people allergic to ambrosia might have reactions. If consumed during pregnancy, seeking doctors advice for oral consumption might be necessary, while it is perfectly safe to consume the homemade crème.

Still, if in doubt consult with your doctor. Do not use in combination with barbiturates.  Calendula crème makes it possible for the skin to breath normally, without closing the pores. It can be used for children too. You can apply the crème few times a day, and it is also useful for sunburn.

Where to buy it?

Any drugstore may have it or any healthy food store. This product is perfectly safe without any side effects.