Homemade Plantago Syrup – The Best Remedy For Pulmonary Diseases

Syrups for cough and a number of different lung diseases has been prepared from natural plantago for a long time. The plant’s healing properties are outstanding.

Homemade Plantago Syrup – The Best Remedy For Pulmonary Diseases

Medicinally the plant is cooling, antitoxin, demulcent, emollient, antimicrobial, vulnerary, expectorant, antiviral and diuretic. It lowers blood sugar, has been used to treat lung disorders and stomach problems. A tea is made from either the whole plant or only from the leaves. This tea can be like a mouthwash that treats toothaches and sores in the mouth cavity. External use can treat sores, burns, blisters, hemorrhoids, rashes, and a number of skin irritations. If used in liquid form, drops might help ease ear ache. In peoples medicine has been used for treating inflammation, ulcers and edema. An insect bite relief would require to simply shred (or chew) a plantain leaf and hold it on the bite for awhile.

Plantain is currently being marketed as a stop smoking aid. The claim is that it causes an aversion to tobacco. Most simple version would be to chew on a plantain leaf whenever you want a cigarette. This will at least refresh your breath, and maybe you won’t want that smoke so much.
Plantago Major has been proven and used for many years as a homeopathic remedy.

Traditional recipe for plantago syrup

  • Large glass jar with a lid
  • Thick plantago leaves
  • Brown sugar

Place the leaves at the bottom, than apply a layer of brown sugar, than another plantago layer, and continue to do so until the jar is full. Leave it over night, and repeat the procedure the following day. Protect the jar with a few layers of wax, or plastic or aluminum foil. Afterwards, place the well protected jar in a hole in your yard, and cover it with a stone. Let it stay there for around 3 months and when you take it out filter the ingredients and boil what remains. What you will get is plantago syrup. Make sure you keep the syrup in a sterilized glass container. This homemade syrup deals with pulmonary disease in extremely good way. The dosage for children is few teaspoons a day, and as many tablespoons for adults.